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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Let’s Play

Raven in the cat tree

That’s what Raven would say if he could talk.  He’s never at a loss for finding things that entertain him, starting with chewing on my hair at daybreak.  Once he has me up, I don’t even get a bathroom break in peace.  He wants to love all over me and kiss my face while trying to crawl into my lap when I’m sitting in the little room half asleep.  What fun that is.

 This is Raven inside a big pot in the entry of my house.  This pot is four-feet high.  I had to rescue him because he could get in, but not out.

He expects breakfast and wants me to hurry along to the kitchen where he still falls over at my feet while I’m getting his food ready.  I thought he might outgrow that, but he’s sixteen-months-old now and still falls to the floor from a standing position.  I’ve never had a cat do that before I got this little furry bundle of joy.

" I'm King of the house," Raven says.

After his breakfast, which he eats with the gusto of his last meal, he’s a terror in the house attacking whatever his eyes land on.  Once he runs off some of his energy it’s nap time for a couple of hours unless I start on some project he wants to “help me” with.

 "I'm sorting this stack of mail."

"Gimme that.  It's mine...all mine."
In the afternoon, we collect the mail.  As soon as it hits the kitchen counter, its fair game for cat paws.  This little rascal is into something all day long.  He pushes the boundaries everyday, but will settle down and come make peace with us if he’s yelled at too often.  I let him get away with a bit more than my husband does because I know how a cat thinks.  And as long as he isn’t breaking anything or in danger of hurting himself, I let him play.  He’s only young so long.

Changing the clocks - ahead one hour
Time to check the batteries in the smoke alarms too.

On another quick note, it’s that time again when they play with our head by changing the clocks.  So we’re springing ahead one hour.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the longer days but this system is antiquated now. Daylight savings time came into existence in the first place when WWI was going on in hopes of saving energy for the war effort.  I don’t think we really save any energy today.  I don’t know anyone who goes to bed when it gets dark.  We’re all watching TV, on our computers, reading, or doing other activities.

To read more about the story behind Daylight Savings Time, click here:

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