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Monday, March 23, 2015

Counting noses


I have to do this every night to make sure the cats are accounted for before going to bed.  Last night Raven was missing and I finally found him the pantry.  He’d been in there at least three hours and never made a peep.  When I opened the door, he strolled out and waited for me to pick him up and give him a squeeze.  Then he headed for the laundry room where I keep water, dry cat food and the litter boxes.

I guess he would have stayed in there all night unless he finally made enough noise trying to get out and woke us up.


Last winter, Koki was missing one night so we gathered a flashlight, put on a jacket and were getting ready to go out and scour the neighborhood for her.  It was raining and cold, so I reached into the entry closet to get a raincoat and she came walking out.  She’d been in there for hours and never made a sound.

I don’t know why the cats are like that.  Perhaps they think they found a new place to play, a secret hideaway to explore.  Cats can fiddle with something for hours, so I don’t think they ever get bored enough to make enough noise to be found.  They’d have to leave their fantasy and get back to their ordinary world.  What fun is in there to that?


  1. Ha, ha! Cats are funny and fun! Maybe they just wanted some time alone to do their own thing. ;D

  2. Vashti,

    They probably did like the alone time. Cats can be solitary creatures. Thanks for stopping by.



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