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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

OMG! What day is it?


I swear I live a life of turmoil.  Probably a lot of it is my own making because I get too many irons in the fire all the time.  “When will I ever learn?” is a question I continue to ask myself, more so at this time of year than usual.

I always feel so overloaded with projects and “to do’s.”  To top that off, my laptop got hit with a hack and a virus.  That’s just what I needed.  I’m so thankful I take the time to back up all my files to an external drive.  If you don’t currently do this, you should start immediately.  Don’t turn your computer off before backing up everything for the day.  My laptop was working fine on Saturday with no sign there was any problem.  Sunday morning it wouldn’t let me log on.  This kind of situation just shows you bad shit happens in a flash.

courtesy of justhourglasses.com

It took me two days to get the tech out here to get the virus off the laptop.  He’s very busy with everyone wanting their computers fixed yesterday.  So he was here until 7 PM tonight.  Thank goodness he didn’t have to wipe the whole hard drive again.

Meanwhile, I had my desktop to fall back on, which he told me not to get on until he works on it because it could lock me out at any time.  I decided to brave it because I had two calendars to work on and finish that I have to mail.  So I plugged my external drive in and booted the computer up and got to work from the calendar files saved on the external drive.  I’m happy to say that everything was fine and I was able to accomplish some of the job.  I don’t know how I lucked out on that one.  When you’re stressed and short on time, everything that can go wrong usually does.  Are the sharks circling yet?

from classroom clipart

See this post from two years ago.  This sums it all up nicely because things haven’t really changed since then.

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