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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Eating isn’t all I do

I thought I’d post pics of some other meals.  I like to treat myself after working hard all day, so I usually make a nice meal for dinner.  The rest of the time, I snack mostly if I eat anything during the day.  Food taste so good when you’re starving!

Ham and cheese omelet with tomatoes, spinach and onions - and a side of potatoes

Enchiladas, Rice and Black Beans

I’ve had several salads and a ham and cheese omelet.  I did break down one night and had Mexican food.  My whole family seems to like it.  None of us go long without having some.

Besides all this, construction is continuing on the house two doors down the road.  It’s actually taking shape nicely now.  I walked through and took several pictures, but I won’t post all of those.  They had the plumbers in there today.  The house is 2710 square feet.

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