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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Catching up with friends

My projects around the house keep me busy most of the time so I have very little time to get out and chat with friends with no added pressure to be home by a certain time.  I’m trying to use a few hours to catch up with everyone.

Schedules were changed and juggled, as always is the case.

 My friend Carolyn

My Greek Salad

On Wednesday, I had lunch with my friend, Carolyn, at the Mad Pita.  We’re both crazy for Mediterranean food.  We both had big salads and a three-hour chat about our lives.  I don’t see her near as much as I used to since she moved twenty minutes north.  Almost every female I know has her share of man problems.  I guess this is just how things are today.  I hope that we solved some issues, or at least left with some useful things to think about.

 My friend Sherry

Two of my close friends had birthdays on Thursday – both turning the big 60.  I can’t see the one since he’s in Florida, but I did get together with Sherry on Saturday for veggies and wine.

 My friend Tom on the mend after major surgery

Friday I drove over to see my Aussie friends and had a nice visit.  He’s recovering from a quadruple bypass performed on May 21.

Late Sunday my husband comes back already.  Those ten days flew by.  We’ll see how good I am at posting here since I’ll have my nose back to the grindstone.  I got a lot accomplished, but there’s still much more to do if we want out of here anytime soon.  Moving is a bitch!

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