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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Harvest

As mentioned earlier, Daddy left about an acre of the cotton for the family to pick.  Picking cotton was a way to make a small amount of spending money and when I say small amount – I mean it.  I could pick cotton all day long and only make eighteen cents.  It takes lots of cotton to have any weight at all and Daddy only paid us three cents a pound.  However, by the end of the summer, my sister, Scherri, and I usually had enough to buy a few records at the Five Star Market on the edge of town.  This market was more like a variety store, as they carried everything from food to hardware.

Once Daddy got the cotton picker, we all wanted to ride on it.  The seat was way up in the air, so what a view!  We could take turns going with him once in awhile.  The platform wasn’t big enough to take many of us at one time.

 This is the cotton picker

When we weren’t picking cotton or riding on the cotton picker, we loved to climb into the trailers of new cotton.  They had straight ladders up the side and once you reached the top, you could dive in.  It was so soft and bouncy, even if a cotton boll or twig stuck you now and then.  The cotton trailers were off limits though, as was the hay barn and a couple of other barns.  We always wondered why the fun stuff had restrictions.

It was also great fun to ride in the back of the corn trailer and dodge the ears flying out.  The machine that picked them carried them up a shoot that spit them out into the trailer.  We would be dirty from all those husks and it would itch like the devil, nevertheless, we couldn’t wait to get in there again.

After those days, we really wished for a good old thunderstorm to cool us off and give us a ditch to wade in.


  1. I am imagining how would it feel to dive in cotton! :) Another lovely post- H is for harvest! :)

  2. Shesha,

    Diving into coton is wonderful! This is before it's ginned, so there are seeds, cotton bolls, and leaves and twigs ocassionally. We had great fun doing this. Like falling onto a giant feather bed. I'm glad you enjoyed my post.


  3. I can picture the whole scene in my mind.....It would have been lovely to experience all such activities with your family....wonderful account

    1. Shelly,

      Thanks for reading about my crazy childhood. I'm glad you liked the story. We did have a lot of fun despite the fact we were very poor.


  4. This is the one post where my childhood differs, since we had different crops. But we had fun in a whole different way. :)

    Random Musings from the KristenHead — H is for Hearts and Handmade

  5. Kristen,

    I think farm kids just had fun, period. They took advantage of what they had and made the best of it.



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