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Monday, March 17, 2014

My Boy’s ready for St. Patrick’s Day


Look at my little angel who was such a trooper to indulge me in wearing this hat so I could get a photo.  Yeah, I know I have better things to do than making St. Patrick’s Day hats for the cats.  However, this was a fun project that got me away from doing the taxes a few minutes.

 Please, I'm trying to sleep!

God, I love this boy, purring all the time.  He’s such a happy camper.  I wish Koki would see how friendly he is, but hopefully that’s down the road.

 What are the drywall people doing up there?

Right now, taxes are done.  We're doing a few things around the house to get it ready for sale, and I survived another winter.  I’m so happy, as I see the new growth on the trees.  So much froze this year and will have to be replanted or replaced.  I sure wish I lived somewhere that never froze.

 The desert behind the house is greening up

We have new sprouts on the trees.

We haven’t had too many windy spells here of late, but we did have a strong wind a few days ago.  It blows everything out to the desert, so unless you pick it up, you get to look at it for months.  At least it wasn’t thirty degrees when the winds hit this year.

 My husband picking up desert debris blown in by the wind

Raven squeezing under my husband's monitor

Meanwhile, my baby boy continues to grow and endure himself to our hearts.  He explores the things around him and goes where he shouldn't.  I think Tootie really likes him now, even if he attacks her all the time, and would miss him if he were gone.  She’s good and puts up with it.  Tootie’s always been mellow.
Raven looking out the window upstairs

Raven wrestling with Tootie
Raven and Tootie -best friends

Raven relaxing after a long day.

 Happy St Patrick ’s Day to all.  Something you may not know is that Stephen Perry patented the first rubber bands on this day in 1845.  I use about as many rubber bands as I do post it notes.

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