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Sunday, March 9, 2014

I’m winning then over - little by little


I've been here almost a month now and I'm finally starting to win the girls over.  At least I think I might be. Tootie will wrestle with me and play footsies.  

Tootie and Raven

Koki isn’t too gung-ho, but I think she may come around.  She sneaks up on me to nose me.  Once she’s finished, she hisses at me and slinks off.  She pays a lot of attention to me so I think maybe that she’s just trying to tell me she’s in charge.

 Koki looking for Raven

Raven attacking the laser
 I’ve landed in the best home.  I have so many toys I never get bored.  I really enjoy attacking my human’s feet and playing with the laser.  I take over the bed at night and wake them up at dawn to feed me.  I can be loud and demanding when I’m hungry because I’m a growing boy.  I’m really good otherwise, so they put up with this.  I make sure I purr loudly, even when they trim my nails.


I love sleeping in the sunspots in the dining room, so I was busy lounging on a chair in there they conveniently placed by the window for me.  A roadrunner happened by.  He kept flaring his comb out and making noises with his beak.  He didn’t scare me though.



Tonight I was attacking my human’s shoes.  They caught me in mid-flight and standing on my hind legs.  I don’t know why they made such a big deal of this.

 Koki, Raven, and Tootie

 I decided to go upstairs and check on the girls who were up there getting away from me.  They pretended not to pay much attention to me, but I know they were watching as I investigated this plastic bag and decided whether to attack it again as I did the other night after the humans kept me in the bedroom all day because some painters were here.

I really terrorized the house that night, but I had so much pent up energy.  Maybe they won’t do that to me again.

I’m off so I can beat them to bed and take my spot out of the middle.  They hate to disturb me, so things are going very well in my new home.



  1. Sunni!

    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely kitties! I've my own fur-baby who is adapting from being a total outdoor cat to a complete indoor kitteh! We've had our little "discussions" but as I write this, she is on my mouse pad, "helping" me compose this message to you and yours! xoxo Mary aka Viola Fury A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal BlogFest – Sign Up Now #atozchallenge #atozreveal

  2. Viola,

    Thanks for stopping by and reading Raven's first post. I've had him a month today, so he's four-months-old now. He's into everything as you can imagine. I hope you get your cat adapted to indoor living. I know what you mean by "helping" you type. LOL



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