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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Life is so new and exciting when you’re young

Raven and Tootie sleeping in a sun spot

That’s exactly what my new fur baby thinks.  I’m sure he feels he landed in a good situation with soft places to sleep, many toys to play with, and plenty of food.

You can tell by watching him that he’s never done any of this before, so he gets so excited over looking out the window and breathing in the fresh air.  He watches all the critters and birds outside.  The chipmunks are pulling things off the blankets now to make their nests as they do every year.  He doesn't know what to think about this and is fascinated with them.


Raven is enjoying life so much - everything is so new and exciting to him.  When he’s through looking outside, he’ll play himself to sleep attacking toys.  





This little fur ball purrs instantly when you touch him and sleeps with us every night, but has slept in the cat tree two nights since we got him because he was too tired to come to bed.  Koki loves those nights because she can come to bed.  She could otherwise too, but she won’t.  I used to think she was so small, but she’s a giant next to him.  There should be nothing there to threaten her.  She’ll even nose him and then hiss and swat at him.  I guess its jealousy.


Koki stuck her head in the cat box yesterday when Raven was in there doing his business and once he saw her and finished up, he gave chase.  They ended up upstairs with her under the furniture again.  She likes to be the chaser, not the chasee.  But Koki has always had to have things on her terms from day one.  She won’t eat until she’s good and ready and won’t come to you either unless it suits her.

All these cats have their own personalities.  That’s just part of the fun of having a cat.  They’re independent but are loyal and never judge you over any of your issues.  I wish people were more like that.

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