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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Meet the Newest Member of my Cat Family

My baby boy - Raven

This little bundle is three-months-old.  I adopted him today from PAWS.  He was part of a group of five kittens that someone abandoned and luckily, someone else found.  All the kittens were black.  He had three brothers and one sister.  He’s the last little guy left and boy was he all over me today.

He started purring as soon as I touched him and he wanted to jump into my arms and nuzzle me.  He was grabbing the pen as I was trying to fill out the paperwork and didn’t want me to put him down.  He looks so much like the black boy I lost in October 2010, except his eyes are going to be gold instead of green.

He yowled most of the way home unless we stopped at a red light and then he got quiet.  It’s apparent he doesn’t like riding in the car, but then maybe he remembers his recent visit to the vet to be neutered.

Once we got home and let him out of the cage, it was time to investigate.  The girls don’t want anything to do with him at all, except Tootie’s more tolerant of the situation than Koki who promptly ran upstairs and hid under the furniture after hissing at him.  She realizes she isn’t the baby anymore, so I have to give her some special attention.  I came up and coaxed her out and eventually she settled down in her usual place in my office – on top of the computer and modem.  This is after she let me know she’s disgusted with the whole mess by grabbing my arm and pretending to bite me.  But she still won’t come downstairs.

I have no idea how the next few days will go.  Koki always sleeps with me, but the lady at PAWS told us this little one is a bed hog too.  Oh my!  I can’t turn over in bed now.

Raven was very demanding at dinnertime, weaving around my legs and meowing loudly.  I guess he worked up an appetite.  It seemed like he would never fill up.  But eventually he quit eating and played some more and then this sweet little thing remembered where the litter box was and went in there before he crawled up in the top bunk in the cat tree to nap.  What a good boy!

More pictures will be coming shortly.

I’m sure after a few days the cats will work out their issues and get along.  It’s always like this in the beginning.  I wanted to get Koki a playmate because she wants to play with Tootie all the time and Koki gets aggressive sometimes.  Tootie being almost fourteen is not ready for that.  Koki’s going on nine, but you’d never know it.  I can’t believe it myself.  The years fly by way too fast.  I’m glad that she’s always gung-ho, but right now, she’s pouting about the newcomer.  I imagine I’ll get the cold shoulder for a while.


  1. Raven is so adorable! Good luck sleeping tonight! ;)

  2. Hi Vashti,

    Once I settled him down about midnight, he actually slept five hours, snuggled as close as he could get. Then he started washing his face around 5:30 this morning and then it was time to attack our feet. He finally jumped off the bed and headed into the other part of the house. I didn't hear any growling or hissing, so I went back to sleep for a couple of hours. This cat purrs ALL the time. He's seems very happy, but my two grils not so much. One's been hiding under the furniture since late yesterday afternoon. Hopefully, they'll all make friends in a few days. Thanks for reading.


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