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Saturday, February 22, 2014

New kitten wreaks havoc around my house


  This little rascal has turned our environment into chaos.  I’m sure things will settle down in a while.  Being only three-months-old, he’s always on the move.  We are fortunate he usually stays in bed and sleeps most of the night.  But lookout when he wakes up full of vim and vigor and ready to take on the world.  You don’t dare move your feet because that’s just an invitation to attack.

It’s fun having a kitten around as long as you pick up the breakables.


I’ve had so many cats over the years, so we have a ton of cat toys.  A friend of mine gave me this furry ball with a bell on it that sits atop a spring.  Raven attacks this vigorously and is so carried away with excitement when playing with this that he does flips in the air and landed on the edge of the coffee table tonight.  Luckily, he didn’t get hurt, although he did sit there a while staring at it.  I imagine he thought the table was attacking him.  His head made a loud thump when he whacked it.


After a quick nap in the cat tree, he was at it again.

I feel sorry for Koki who wants to come to bed so bad, but she won’t do it as long as this little squirt is on the bed.  There’s plenty of room, but after hanging out a while, she hisses and stomps off in disgust.  This may be a good thing as she sleeps on legs and pins me to the bed at night.  As a result, I usually have to get up a couple of times with a cramp in my leg or foot.  I hate to throw her off, so usually I’ll be still and go around with a backache in the mornings.


On Friday night, I thought we had a breakthrough because Koki and Raven were playing footsies under the chairs upstairs.  Of course, these are low to the floor so they couldn’t see each other.  Maybe that makes a lot of difference in a cat’s world.  Today it was back to the same old thing with Koki keeping her distance and hissing at him again.

 Raven and Tootie

He’s doing his best to make friends and win the two older females over.  Tootie doesn’t mind him at all now except to look at him weird when he’s jumping around like an idiot.  Tootie loves everyone, so I’m not too surprised she came around first.  I guess Koki doesn’t remember being in Raven’s shoes not so long ago when she was the new kid on the block.

Maybe some cats are like people in this respect where they don’t remember what it was like to be a kid.  I’m giving Koki some extra attention and haven’t given up hope yet that she’ll come around.  We’ve had Raven two weeks today and he has settled in here as if this is home.

Other than kitten watching, the moving endeavor goes on.  We’re making slow progress because we’re still waiting for contractors to show up to do a few things we can’t do.  This is the last weekend of the Parade of Homes, which a large annual event here.  We still don’t have the “for sale” sign on the house and that was the goal for the middle of February.  This whole moving venture can get you down if you let it.


On a happier note, it is warming up enough to open the windows again for a short while.  Hooray!


  1. Hi Sunni! Wow! That Raven is a real firecracker! I'm glad Tootie gets along with her and I'm sure Koki will come around soon. Selling a house and moving can be very taxing in every way. I wish you all the best!

    1. Vashti,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Raven can be a firecracker. He acts so wild at times. I wish I had his energy. I hurt my back today doing something around here. I have no idea what, but I never sat down all day. There's still so much to do. Of course Raven was into everything all day and nipping at my toes when he got the chance.



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