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Saturday, February 15, 2014

My new baby likes the limelight


He poses when I get the camera and tries to look cute.  Raven really likes me to take his picture.  I’m going to post a few here.

I’ve had him a week today and my girls are still upset over his presence.  The older one is coming around a little, but the younger one hisses and hits him.  He can’t understand her behavior and is doing his best to make friends with her.  I think she realizes she isn’t the baby any more and is upset over it.  Usually she hangs out upstairs.  The last couple of days she finally started to come back down for part of the day, if the sun is out so she can sit in the sunny windows.  I hope she comes around in the next couple of weeks because my husband said he’ll take Raven back so he can have peace in his house.  He really hates the fact they aren’t used to each other and won’t get along.  I know these things take time.


Right now, I’m splitting my time between Raven and my upset girl, Koki.  I hope this strategy works.

This little guy is so mellow and good-natured.  He purrs all the time and will start up even when you get close to him and haven’t touched him yet.  I can even hear him with my ears, which aren’t the best in the hearing department.


 The other morning, I woke up and he was sleeping with his head on my shoulder and his arm around my neck.  OMG!  He is just so dear.  I hated to move and disturb him by getting up.




He has such a good life – eating, playing, and sleeping.  I really think he’ll be a good addition to the family if Koki will break down and play with him.  She always wants somebody to play with and Tootie’s too old for much of that.


On another note, our house is still not ready to put on the market, so this is upsetting.  We’ve had problems with contractors who make appointments to come and do things we can’t do and then never show up or even bother to call and cancel.  I don’t know if this is a reflection of this next generation, or if it’s just this state.  These people aren’t very responsible at all and not customer friendly.  I don’t know how they expect to stay in business, but I guess they don’t care if they get your business or not.  I know when I was working, the customer always came first and my generation at least had the courtesy to call and change appointments if something came up.

Now I can only guess when we’ll get out of here.


  1. Hi Sunni! Raven is adorable! What a ham! I'm so about your troubles with contractors. I don't think it's a problem with this generation or your state. I think it's a contractor problem. Almost everyone I know that have used a contractor at one time or another have had major problems.

    1. Vashti,

      He's defintely cute and sometimes a little monster trying to attack my computer.

      I'm glad I'm not the only one with the contractor problems.

      Thanks for your comment.


  2. Oh, Raven is a CUTIE!!! Give the relationship with your other cats some time. It took months with two cats I had once, and then one day I walked in the room and they were intertwined and grooming each other! Go figure! Yours may not get that close, but they will at least learn to tolerate each other.

  3. moggiepurrs,

    Thanks for your comments and for visiting. That's what I think - it takes a while. I thought we had a breakthrough last night because Raven is persisent. We caught them playing footsies under two chairs side by side. Off course they couldn't really see each other. Now today, Koki acts like he's a stranger again. Go figure. I hope they'll come around because she loves to play and my other girl is too old to want to.


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