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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You won’t believe what was lurking around my backyard today

Coyote on my Back Wall - Sunni's Photo's

Coyote on my Back Wall - Sunni's Photo's

I caught a glimpse of this creature as I was standing at the kitchen sink.  I rushed out with my camera.  He was meandering by on the other side of my wall where he quickly disappeared in all the sagebrush back there in the desert behind me.  As far as I could tell, he walked toward my neighbors.  Not far from her house, there is a grove of tamarisks growing.  They always signal a good water supply so many animals venture there during the day for a drink.  This is a vey invasive tree, but you have to get water in the desert where you can find it, so it’s a good thing there are some scattered around the natural habitat.
Tamarisk Tree - Wikipedia

About an hour later, I was working in the kitchen and this guy was back.  He jumped upon my wall to have a look around.  I grabbed the camera and got some good shots shooting through the glass.  I knew if I went outside on my patio, I would scare him off.
Coyote -- Sunni's Photo's

A few minutes later, a hawk arrived and perched in the tree in the backyard.  They stared at each other and then the coyote jumped down into the desert again and headed toward the tamarisks trees.
Desert Hawk - Sunni's Photo's

Desert Hawk - Sunni's Photo's

With all the coming and going, it’s been like watching National Geographical in my backyard today.  That was a nice break from my NaNo project.  I had better get back at it.  I just wanted to share some photos.

We can always hear the coyotes howling in the desert at night, but haven’t seen one do this before.  It makes me wonder if he’s been in the yard at night.

Desert Sunset - Sunni's Photo's


  1. Wow! A coyote! It looks like a healthy one too. It's beautiful. A hawk too! You live in wonderland Sunni.

    1. Hi Vashti,

      Sometimes it does seem like wonderland with alll these beautful animals to look at. You never know what will happen by.



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