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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I have my hands full

Sewing Room disaster - Sunni's Photo's

Hello everybody.  I’ve got to be crazy to take on all this stuff.  I’ve spent the last four afternoons going through my sewing room.  First, I had to clean in there because somehow the red sand gets in the house, even with everything closed up tight.  That’s a good reason right there to move away from the desert.
Sewing Room Mess - Sunni's Photo's

I had everything really looking nice and orderly until I started dragging things out to go through them.  Now it looks like a hurricane hit the place.  I’m not kidding.  Of course, my cat, Koki, thinks this is the neatest thing that has happened in a while.  She loves diving through everything and getting into things as she sits nearby and watches me intently.  The next thing I know, she’s off with a piece of elastic or other trinket she’s snatched.  She runs though the house sounding like an elephant has taken up residence.

Koki playing in my mess - Sunni's Photo's

I really don’t know how I’m going to accomplish this task because the more I work on it the worse it seems to get in that room.  This is only one room in my two-story house too, so I’m not looking forward to the joys of moving.
Sewing Room disaster - Sunni's Photo's

My other passion besides writing is sewing so naturally over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff.  I didn’t realize I have almost enough to open my own small store.  This is forty years worth of accumulation though.  The good news is I’m making slow progress “playing with my toys” and the windows are open up here in November.  Yeah!  The bad news is it’s supposed to be 28 by Sunday night.  Boo!

Sewing Room disaster - Sunni's Photo's

More good news is that Comet is slowly getting over her bronchitis.  Yes, these cats are my kids.  She is finally eating more and sleeping better, but she still has a stuffy nose.  I can hear it in her breathing.  We’ve been giving her pills twice a day.  That’s why I’m full of cat scratches.  Oh well, I’m used to that.

Comet snuggled in bed - Sunni's Photo's

In the evenings, I try to find the time to write on my NaNo WIP.  I’m not sure why I took that on, under the circumstances, except I always like a good challenge and work good under pressure.  So far, I have 15,380 words in, so not bad considering.  I’m a little behind but not too mach to catch up.

I’ve still found the time to watch the wildlife that visit daily.  Here are some photos of that.  We have a few lakes here so the cranes go back and forth.  We have various hawks coming by everyday looking for a meal in our backyard because we have many birds visiting the “pool” and eating the food we put out.
Visiting Hawk - Sunni's Photo's

 Crane on the bluff outback - Sunni's Photo's

This brings all of you up to date so far.  I’ll be posting once a week during the month of November.  I have to spend all my computer time working on my NaNo entry.

Until next time, stay happy.


  1. Having moved across state lines three times in the last five years, I feel your pain. I thought I had purged a lot of stuff on the first move, which I had, only to find there was more to do the second and third times. I'm staying put for a while now. Glad your baby is starting to feel better.

  2. Thanks for reading Jagoda and leavng a comment. Yes, we did a lot of purging when we moved from CA nine and a half years ago. However, towards the end it all got so tedious that we were throwing things into boxes just to get the job done. This is after I spent about two months organizing eveeryhting myself ith no help (throwing out, donating, and packing what was left into neatly labeled boxes so I would know where to find everything once we arrived at our new place.

    I think there are some things I'll never get rid of and it can be dealt with after I'm gone. I have a large box of keepsakes from my five years in Alaska that will still be around as long as I am. That box has been moved with me to five different states so far.

    It is going to be extremely hard to get rid of some of my fabric stuff too, as well as my books. I imagine I'll keep more of it than my husband would like, but I'm not dead yet and I certainly can't afford to buy that stuff now while living on a fixed income. I imagine there will be a MAJOR conflict coming over that. But it is what it is.

    I probably have too many interests, but doing things keeps my mind sharper than it would be if I never wrote, read, sewed, or did other crafts. I'm not likely to quit any of that unless I get too feeble to care.

    My baby's nose is running like mad today, so I hope all the stuff is finally going away. She's been sick since August. That's a long time in a cat's life.



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