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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kitty Spa Day

When its nail trimming time at my house, I round the cats up one-by-one and bring them to the bar in the kitchen. Laying them on their backs, I begin to tell them in my “kitty voice” that it’s spa day. This goes on as my husband clips their nails while I’m petting them under the chin and telling them they’re getting massaged and groomed, etc. etc. “Doesn’t that feel good,” I say. “We’re just going to be so gorgeous with pretty nails and getting so relaxed. What a good girl you are.” Of course, they are purring and lapping it up. Nail trimming goes fast without them making a sound.

However, by the time we get to the third cat, my husband says, “Please just stop it. We are adults here. You’re driving me crazy.” I just laugh. The cats squirm and fuss and eventually we finish with the ordeal.

I can’t help but wonder if he is that much older than I am in mind, or if I’m just crazy trying to make it fun for the cats.


  1. The second one but without the crazy part ;-)

  2. Hi Texas Cat,

    Thanks for reading and commenting.



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