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Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Need What??? Liposuction???

My husband and I were talking the other night about our possible move to Central America. Of course, the cats came up. Sometimes this leads to some laughable situations, such as how we will get them there, in this case.

My baby, Koki would easily fit under the seat because she’s a very small cat. Comet probably would fit under there too, even though it would be a bit harder. Then there is Tootie who loves to eat. She’s a big girl to start with, being part Maine Coon. Sometimes these days, I call her Miss Waddles when she comes running to the food dish. She’s always a double dipper with the cat treats, thinking I don’t know that my husband already gave her some earlier in the evening.

This cat has always been a gourmet eater, loving bits of tomato and spaghetti sauce and things like that. I try to be careful what I give her though, although our vet in CA said it was okay to give the cats lean bites of meat, fish, or chicken once in awhile. We don’t fry anything anyway and we don’t use breading, so that isn’t a problem, but I usually take the spices off, if I give the cats any. Of course, this cat will eat about anything, spices, and all. The other two very rarely eat “people food” anyway. Then, I worry about Tootie getting indigestion. You sure can’t give a cat Tums, or an Alka-Seltzer.

We were eating something spicy the other night and Tootie was sitting at our feet begging for a bite. This brought about the liposuction discussion, which had us roaring with laughter. I knew this would make a good cat story. Therefore, here is something a little different today for you guys.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone.


  1. Hi Sunni,
    Sorry it's been a while. I love your cat stories. i have two: Meadow (big fluff wad--the queen), and Lila (little black kitty who used to be feral and now kneads my lap and rubs her face all over me). I wouldn't move anywhere without mine either. Which country in Central America are you thinking about? I'm rather fond of Costa Rica myself--so beautiful.

  2. Jagoda,

    Thanks for reading. I probably have a hundred cat stories because I've always had cats. My husband and I make up some crazy scenarios that come to mind when we are talking in the evenings and the cats wander by.

    We are looking at Costa Rica and Panama. Want to take a trip that way in the next month or two and check it out. There isn't as much duty on things you bring into Panama, so it may end up being there, although they are probably a bit behind Costa Rica in amenities. The culture and weather is about the same and there are large expat communities in both.

    I've been talking to a few Americans living over there to get a feel for what it's like and they all say the same thing - come and rent for 3-4 months to see if you really like it before moving. This is not a doable situation for us though, I don't think. I wouldn't feel right about leaving the cats with my neighbor for that long. We may just go for 3-4 weeks and then my husband may go back over and spend some more time, so I can be here. It all hinges on what we think of the place.

    We just want to get some place warmer and with more moderate temps year round. And while we're still young enough to do it. As much as I love the desert. it has it extremes in weather and it is very dry so hard on your skin, although a lot of humidity isn't good either.

    If it ends up being a go, we'll have to find a small place here in the states instead of putting everything we own into storage. We can't take everything we want to keep with us - too expensive and we probably wouldn't stay there the rest of our lives - just the next few. Of course, who knows what is in the future?

    Thanks for posting. You should put a pic of your cats on your site.

    I like reading all your conflict advice - who doesn't need that once in awhile?


  3. I think I will put pix of my kitties on my site--they are my muses, after all, and OMG, they make me laugh. Glad you like my blog. Thanks for visiting it. I'll be interested to read about your process of deciding on a country. Vicarious enjoyment on my part. :-)

  4. Jagoda,

    The cats give me great fodder for stories. Can't wait to see yours.

    We will have to visit the different countries first. Of course, all these adventures will become blog posts eventually, as well as the actual moving experience and life there, if that comes to pass.


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  6. Samatha,

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  8. Thanks Alan for visiting my blog and your comments.


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    1. historypak,

      I'm glad you found my blog. Thank you for becoming a fan! I hope I'm worthy of that.

      Tootie is still around and as big as ever. :-)

      I must visit your blog. Your comment made my day. Blessings!


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