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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kitty Goodies Shopping Day

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Once a month, we usually go and stock up on cat food and cat treats, etc. Of course, this is fun for me to shop in the cat section of the pet store, almost as fun as going into a bookstore. It takes a lot longer if I go and do this by myself. This is because I find all sorts of toys to look at, along with food and treats and all the gadgets they have these days.

Some of the names on the cat treats are hilarious and make me giggle. The people who work in the marketing and packaging dept for these companies must have a blast, letting their minds wander out into fantasyland.

My husband gets right down to the shopping, and away he goes to the register while I’m still mulling over everything on the first isle. Today I saw such names as “Backyard Cookout,” “Catnip Fever,” “Surfers Delight,” “California Dreamin.’” Seriously, is this for real?

Of course, the bags are just as cute with pictures of cats on surfboards, or in a barbeque apron at the grill. There are the usual flavors too like tuna, turkey, chicken, salmon, and cheese, and varieties of these mixed. These are crunchy treats, which the cats like better, and not being the moist kind, they should clean their teeth too.

Naturally, as I’m looking these over, mental pictures flash through my mind.  I can see my big girl, Tootie, in her barbeque apron at the grill, a spatula in her paw ready to swat the others out of the way before her gourmet meal gets ready.  Comet and Koki like water, so they would be on surfboards riding the waves, but since they hate each other, their outing could turn into a homicide investigation.  I laugh to myself, as I watch this movie in my head, and hurry to the register, where my husband is now waiting for me.

Once we are home and drag the bags of food in, within minutes three pairs of eyes are watching with tails swishing in anxious anticipation of what we got for them this time. They always seem to know, as if they have a calendar somewhere.

We keep the dry cat food in a sealed bucket, keeping it fresh and other things out. This bucket will hold about 25 pounds, so we always mix three different bags together, always adding something new, but nutritious to the mix.

The cats don’t get that much excitement in their lives, so this is always a fun day.  My furry darlings purr in agreement, as they dig in to taste the latest assortment.  


  1. My human found some wet food we loved that is called... catatouille ;-)
    They have several other interesting stews: http://www.naturalbalanceinc.com/product-category.aspx?ProductCategoryID=47&category=Cat+Stew+Formulas
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Texas Cat,

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I will check out the link you posted.



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