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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back Into the Twenties

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Well winter is not over yet – unfortunately. We are back in the 20’s for the next five days with freezing rain and snow. Ugh! This crap is very tiring. But I do not have it as bad as some people do. I realize that. And this will be my last winter like this, I hope.

I could have it like my little sister in New York where her sewer froze and she had to borrow a “honey pot” from the mother-in-law. This little pot is from the mother-in-law’s great, great grandmother so you know how old it is. The weather in upstate NY is deplorable, getting bad there every winter. She is a much more tolerant person than I am because she has put up with that for almost 30 years now. Oh my! Talk about bad conditions. I would have hitched hiked south way before this.

This snow bank in my picture is like what I saw in my introduction to Alaska, in my drive up the Alcan Highway in 1973. It really did look like this in places. It is unbelievable for those of you who have never experienced this. Here I am fretting over a little freezing rain and snow. But as I’ve gotten older, I have become very sensitive to the cold. I can picture myself being one of the little, old ladies wearing a sweater when it’s 90 degrees outside. No joke. I hope that this is one of the last winter storms.

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