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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Be Careful Out There

I’m not sure what the world is coming to with all these shootings lately, but there are bunches of crazies running around. Clearly, these are sick individuals wanting to kill others. This is two days in a row now, not to mention the other recent episodes of mass shootings.

There are so many theories as to why this is happening, such as guns are easy to get and screening methods should be better, in hopes of not giving a psychotic person the okay to buy a weapon. They always see the warning signs in these killers after the fact. Things come out about the individual that someone must notice beforehand, such as personal changes in attitude, etc. Relatives and friends must just pass this off instead of reporting it, if the person possibly needs help. Maybe we can avoid some of these horrendous tragedies, if people would start reporting any kind of odd behavior changes that they notice.

I don’t think gun control is the answer. As we all know, criminals will always have guns, finding a way to get them if they are planning a crime. These people ignore laws. If we let the government dictate gun control, we won’t be able to defend ourselves, if things come to that, when as stated above, the criminals will still have guns, along with all the others who go off the deep end. On top of that, if the government is successful in this regard, they will only want to take more freedoms from the people until eventually we won’t have any left. There will be scanners everywhere to protect us from ourselves. We won’t be able to order a hamburger at a fast food joint without passing through a scanner first, making sure we are no danger to the others already in the place.

I think the better answer lies with parents teaching their kids the rights and wrongs and how to get along in society without resorting to violence. There are too many kids out there left to their own devises these days. They fall in with the gangs, or the wrong crowds, these people becoming a big influence on the impressionable mind. The parents, or guardians, allow these kids to watch destructive shows on TV and play too many violent video games instead of doing something constructive. Some parents don’t know how to parent and of course, there are one-parent households where the adult is always working to make ends meet. In this case, these kids need some healthy after school activities like playing ball, etc., somewhere to hang out except the street.

If kids have mental problems they need treatment, realizing again of course that money may be an issue here, but they should get as much treatment as the parent can afford instead of ignoring the situation.

Exposing kids to violence only puts ideas into their idol minds. Maybe they just want to get their fifteen minutes of fame on TV, they have a vendetta against someone who they thing wronged them in some way, or it may be deeper than that and they just want to see “what it’s like to kill someone.” Anyone who doesn’t believe this last statement needs to think again. I’ll share a short story with you.

The best friend of one of my nieces met her demise this way a couple of years ago. The teen boys shot her to death and buried her in a shallow grave at a new apartment complex. Naturally, they found her fairly soon when a bulldozer, doing groundwork for a new building, dug her up. The two teen boys went to her school. They took off going north, captured a couple of weeks later in Minnesota, their intention to cross over into Canada. When asked why they did it, they both said, “to see what it’s like to kill someone.” Clearly, these boys must be disturbed in the first place. No one in his or her right mind would do something like this. They are now in jail.

Anyway, the world is one big scary place these days. If we all stay aware at all times we may avoid some tragic events, but sadly, most things like this happen so suddenly and randomly that it is impossible to prepare yourself, so that you can avoid the next area to be targeted.

Thoughts anyone?

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