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Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Fascination for the Unusual and the Creative

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Okay folks, this has been me from the very beginning, or as far back as I can remember. I have always been interested in the unconventional or different way of thinking, or looking at things, as well as anything of a creative nature. This is so much a part of my makeup that I can’t help myself and must go down this path.

I guess that is why I let my girlfriend in fifth grade drill mythology into my head with no complaints. I still have mythology books in my library to this day, although I can’t recite it from memory anymore, as I used to when she gave me tests everyday at recess. I went from that to King Arthur books, and other fantasy tales and legends, although I personally think that King Arthur was a real man that lived in medieval Britain, but perhaps didn’t go by that name at the time. Who are we to say since no one really knows, or will ever know? However, you may feel about this, his life and times are fascinating. I have at least thirty books on his life in my library and my husband and I debate the fact of his reality, him taking the opposite stance, of course, the same as he does with ET’s and UFO’s, something else I find very interesting., as well omens we receive by animals and other things in nature. This me dipping into my craziness, he says.

Learning new unusual things seems to be paramount for me. I have to watch myself, or I’ll while away my creative time on Google reading something fascinating I came across while looking for something else I was researching for my latest WIP.

In high school, my love of art won me over, especially the lives of the artists themselves and not just the creative angle of the whole thing, although I’ve always had a creative side and used to say I was born with a pencil and a sketchpad. But who can’t be fascinated with people like Van Gogh where madness led him to cut off his own ear? Being born with a creative spirit can be a blessing and a curse.

I have always thought how remarkable it is, too, to be the kind of person who can pick up any kind of musical instrument they have never seen before, and they can play it as if they’ve practiced all their life. I personally know people like this. Art is like that for me. Hand me the medium and I’ll make something out of it.

For me it is all about involvement in something creative, which has been writing in the most recent years, although I did some of that early on too. The creative spirit is a restless one, having to keep busy all the time, and not feeling fulfilled until achieving something remarkable every day.

This kind of thinking can wreak havoc on family life, as most art can; including writing, which is a solitary job. In all honesty, it is hard to flip the switch on creativity, and very hard to balance out your life if you don’t. After assessing this, my feeling is that it is best that these people live alone, although aloneness breeds madness as we can see with the Van Gogh example. However, it is very hard to keep everyone happy all the time.

I imagine it is either lunacy, or work yourself to death in your craft because the older I get the more I begin to realize there is never enough time to accomplish it all in this lifetime. This thought only makes me work harder and at a frenzied pace, so I can get in as much as I can before time is up. Perhaps, I’ve already reached some form of insanity, and I just don’t know it yet.

Does anyone else wrestle with this?

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