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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Cows Are Out!!! The Cows Are Out!!!

The Dirt Cheap Cow - Mexican Pottery and Furniture/Garden Store

This is a festival they have in Santa Clara the last weekend of every Sept. (That's the town next to mine, where a terrific old-fashioned fruit stand is.)

The Swiss settled the town in 1854 and because of this they have Swiss Days with parades and a street faire, etc and everyone paints cows and puts them out. They are everywhere - all over town. I took a bunch of pics and thought I'd share some of them with you.  The residents in this town really get into the spirit of things.

This one was on a sreet corner in town

Some businesses put their names on the cows - this one even has a huge milkshake

This one was in someone's yard and is ready for combat - notice the boots

There's always a camouflage cow

I thought was cute - in someone's front yard

Here's a mom and baby on a street corner

Here's one ready for a backpacking trip.

You get the idea.  The entire main street in this little village is like this.  There's probably 20 or thirty cows every half mile.

Does anyone know of another place like this?


  1. Actually I've read or heard about this trend in a number of towns. The other day I was reading about a town in Indiana that had artfully decorated pigs all over and another town in Utah that had horses. Then there were the decorated pianos somewhere that people could actually play.

    I think it's pretty neat when a community capitalizes on some thematic trend that relates to the locale. It's fun and fascinating.

    Love the cows.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Wow, They are something! I'd have any one of them in my front garden! Thank you for sharing them -gorgeous!

  3. Lee,

    Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting. I had no idea that this type of town theme was carried out across the country. This is really the first state I've lived in that has done things like this. It is fun and fascinating for a community to do, everyone gets involved, whether it's businesses or residences.

    They go all out in their decorating too. There are some very imaginative people out there.


  4. Hi Valerie,

    Thanks for reading and posting and enjoying the cows. There are so mny of them all over the place, so I just picked out a few pics to share.

    The whole town gets involved in this festival and they get very creative about it.

    One of my sisters is crazy about cows and I know she'd have one in her garden too. I sent her the pics by email.


  5. How fun, Sunni! Great pictures. I like the cow with the milkshake best!
    We had horses on parade here in Rochester, beautifully decorated by different groups, but they are sculptures and permanently on display. They tried birds and elephants next, nowhere near as interesting. The latest are benches. Horses were definately best.

  6. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I think I've heard of horse exhibits moving from place to place, but not as permanent sculptures.

    There are permanent bronze sculptures here all over town (next town over), but of all different things and from local artists.

    Everyone is into art in a big way in this area.



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