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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Relaxing time in front of the TV

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Okay, I never get much time to do this, so I watch TV selectively.

Has anyone seen The Firm? I’m talking about the “made for TV series” out of John Grisham’s book by the same name. If so, what did you think of it?

Yes, I realize this was on a few months ago, but I’m not much of a TV watcher so I recorded it thanks to the DVR. What would we do without this device?

The last couple of weeks I’ve been watching it, one episode at a time, mainly just to relax and clear my head. It gets me away from the computer screen and my writing. I don’t have this book and I enjoy mysteries anyway so that prompted me to record this in the first place. Now I’m glad I did. I’m wondering if the TV series is anything at all like the book. Many times when they make things for TV from a book they change it up, but then I’ve only seen movies made for TV from books, so I’m sure there is the element of time there.

Anyway, I find most of Mr. Grisham’s books move slowly, but this TV show is very intense and full of intrigue. Did the producers pick this book for the series for this reason, or is this book suspenseful? I find it hard to turn the TV off and that is so unlike me. One thing is for sure, now, I have to buy this book and read it. When I do, I’ll post a review here later.

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