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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cat sitting again


Well I’m taking care of this little monster again.

Not that she is that bad. She purrs like crazy and is always so glad to see me. So, after I clean up her messes, which can include open drawers and things strewn about the house, we can enjoy each other’s company. Of course I went over yesterday, which was my first day on duty, and walked into a mess of broken driftwood. She had jumped up on the alcove in the entryway and knocked a piece of knurled wood onto the floor. I salvaged what I could and cleaned up the mess after fetching a broom and dustpan.

Then into the kitchen, I go to throw the pieces in the trash and here she comes, full speed ahead, and slides across the kitchen counter to knock a water bottle onto the floor and spill half the contents. So, my next task is to locate a mop, which is missing in action, so I resorted to paper towels to mop the water up. All the while, she is sprawled on the counter, watching me intently.

Then, I am off to the bathroom to clean the litter box. Of course, she goes scurrying ahead of me, as she does, so it is imperative to watch yourself at all times around this little fur ball, so as not to trip over her and land on your keister.

After scooping, I have to wait while she eagerly jumps in to do her business, as if she has been waiting for this very moment all day. She takes her time scratching about, while I praise her, and finally she gets the job done along with her housekeeping, which elicits more praise from me.

Then she’s off running full bore and wants me to chase her around the house a while before she is content to settle down and be petted as she rolls around on the floor, her motor going at full throttle.

I go out to water the garden while she watches at the door eager for me to come in and begin our match once again. Therefore, we do, and this is our daily routine while my neighbor is away.


  1. But, she is so cute! Are you sure you are not making this up for such a little darlin'? JUST KIDDING! I can see all of the action! Our two cats love to chase each other through the house. We have tile and wood floors - NO carpet - so, of course, there is no traction. What a hoot as they slip and slide trying to grip the floor and nothing is there. Wham! Bam! There they go!

  2. Sharla,

    I love this little fluff ball, although little is probably not the right word. She's a big gal and full of mischief. I know exactly what you mean by tile and wood floors. My cats slam into the walls all the time and just shake themselves off and keep going. It's really funny to watch and they never seem to hurt themselves.

    I have carpet in the bedrooms and the rest of my houue is tile. Next time though I won't have any carpet. Tile and wood is much easier to keep up. My neighbor has mostly carpet, but her bathrooms, kitchen and entry are tile.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I have my sweet award ready to post on Sunday.


  3. What a character she sounds. The little darling! And how beautifully you write about it and her. You had me smiling all the way through, thank you for the joy of it !

  4. Valerie,

    I'm so glad you liked the story. This is a very lively cat. I do enjoy taking care of her. You never know what she'll do and she is always so glad to see me.

    Thanks for reading and posting.



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