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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Playing with the clocks again!

Well, I don't know what anyone else thinks about daylight savings time, but if you really think about this, it is just an illusion.  Mankind plays with the clocks twice a year and for what reason? 

Supposedly this all started because they wanted to have less need to turn lights on for the people who used to farm years ago.  But did anyone really THINK about this??  I think not because people either use lights in the morning or at night, so this DOES NOT save any energy if that was the purpose.

And as far as having more light in the evenings when you are home from work - well the days get longer anyway on their own as the year rolls around toward summer.

Maybe I should move to AZ or HA and I wouldn't have to contemplate this twice a year.  There have been some years I don't even change the one in my car at all.  And it's usually a month before I get around to changing the one on my office.  It's probably a good thing my cell and computer change automatically. 

Actually if I had my way I'd probably throw all the clocks in the house out the window!

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