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Sunday, October 29, 2017

No rest for the wicked

Autumn Fairy by Amy Brown.  Isn't she gorgeous?

I guess this must be true because it seems all we do is work, if not at our workplace it’s around the house,  It’s been a tough week at week with long hours and demanding customers.  The next few days we have off but will be moving everything out of the master bedroom and closet so we can have tile installed.  The tile installer comes Wed and Thurs.  We’ve wanted to do this a long time and finally found a tile that will match what we put in this house back in 2004 when it was built.

At least on the bright side, there’s no alarm clock tomorrow.  Yippee!  Perhaps after this project we’ll be glad to get back to work.  I doubt it, but maybe.

We aren’t handing out any candy this year.  We need to rest while we can.  There’s never enough of that lately.  Kids always seem to collect enough anyway after roaming through the neighborhood.

Clip art

However, I’m aware it’s Halloween and my thoughts will be there some of the time.  If you’d like to read about how this holiday originally started please click here.  I researched this a few years ago and posted it.  I’m always curious about things.  Some of you will probably be surprised that most of the holidays we celebrate today actually started out as pagan festivals in ancient times.  Sometimes I’m amazed at how many people really get into this holiday, especially where I live.  The religious are so strict here.

Be careful out there

We had a new family move in down the block a few months ago and they have at least a dozen giant sized “blow up” Halloween toys decorating their lawn.  I’m be glad to see those put away until next year.

Have a safe Halloween everyone. 

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