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Sunday, October 15, 2017

A rare opportunity

Every now and then something comes along that I can add to my bucket list.  Last Thursday such an opportunity arose. 

 A town in Westworld
I don’t know if many of you are aware that countless westerns have been filmed in the area where I live.  It’s rugged and wild with a lot of scenery that would lend itself to western programs and movies.  A casting call has gone out for paid extras the producers need for background people for some episodes of an HBO TV series called Westworld starring Anthony Hopkins.  They pay you for being bystanders, feed you and also supply your costume of 1890’s apparel.  “Where do I sign up?”  I asked when I found out about this from a friend at work who does food demos with me.  Why not?  This would certainly be an experience to remember and something I’ve never done before.

The town of Westworld

Thursday night I decided to check with my old friend Google to find out more about this show as I don’t have HBO on my channel list for TV.  Maybe some of you have seen this television show.  For the ones who haven’t, it’s a western sci-fi, drama, adventure series.  Adults can go to a theme park where they can act out their fantasies of being the characters they want to be from the 1800’s.  The amusement park caters to adults with dark desires.  There is sex and violence that goes along with that.  Or people can be gunslingers in the artificial Wild West that is populated by androids.  Anthony Hopkins plays Dr. Robert Ford, the creative director of Westworld.

 Actors/Actresses in Westworld
What a crazy concept for a show, but that kind of fits into what I expect from Anthony Hopkins.  So I’m in, why not?  I sure don’t have the chance of being picked if I don’t apply.  And what a great experience this would be, if I get picked out of the hundreds I’m sure will apply.

 Actor in Westworld
I had to write a letter sending information about me, sizes for clothing and shoes and current photos.  They want all ages of women and men, but the women have to have long hair so they’ll fit into the time period. 

 Actor/Actress in Westworld
Now several people from my work applied.  We don’t know yet where the filming will take place, but I’m hoping its Snow Canyon State Park because it’s only about a two miles from my house.  They filmed many John Wayne westerns there.  But it could also be Kanab because lots of western TV series from the 1950’s and 1960’s were filmed there.  If that’s the place I hope they bus us there and we’re not expected to drive there daily for filming.  That’s several hours from my house, plus I need new tires on my car.  If several of us at work get on, I’m sure we’ll carpool.  In any case, I’m not worrying about this now.  There’s a slim chance I’ll be selected anyway, depending on how many people apply.

The filming for season 3 is supposed to start soon.  The article said mid to late October, so I imagine I’ll find out pretty quick.  Stay tuned for an update on this.

If you’d like to watch the trailer for season 1, click here.

All photos courtesy of HBO for season 1.


  1. I hope you get chosen, if you do please let us know what episode so we can watch.

    1. pilch,

      If I get chosen, I'll do that plus probably write a post about the experience too.


  2. OMG I wish I could sign up too Sis! What an opportunity that would be! Shoot, you are always falling into stuff like this. Good Luck!
    Love you.

    1. Thea,

      It seems I do fall into a lot of opportunities, I guess. I have no idea if I'll be selected or not, but I had to apply anyway. I'll keep everyone posted.


  3. Hi Sunni! Wow! This is very exciting! I hope you get picked. I'll watch the show if you're in it and point you out, 'Look! That's my friend, Sunni!' Ha, ha! If you do get picked, make sure to take lots of pictures in your outfit. ;D xx

    1. Vashti,

      I will do that for sure, if I get picked. So far I haven't heard a word but I imagine a lot of people are applying for a few spots.



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