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Friday, October 13, 2017

Eeek…A scorpion in the bed

 The small scorpion found in the bed this morning.  I apologize for the fuzzy photo.

Living in the desert I should be expecting anything at any time.  This morning I got a surprise when I found a baby scorpion in the bed, of all places.  I haven’t seen one in the house for a few years, although I know we have plenty of them around.  Thanks to Raven, my little hunter brought his trophy to bed.  I discovered the critter this morning.  It was enough to give me shivers.  I guess the next time I’m lying awake half asleep at 1 AM and hear meowing; I’d better drag myself out of bed to investigate. 

 Raven, my proud scorpion killer
The first thing I did was to make sure both the cats were okay.  They’re fine so maybe a sting from a very young scorpion like this isn’t too bad, if they did get stung by it at some point.  Of course hubby said, “Well, you know there must be more in here.”  That’s a frightening thought that I know is probably true.

We’ll be replacing our carpet in the bedroom with tile soon, something we should have done when we built the house.  Everything will have to be moved out and places found for all that stuff while the work is being done.  We’ll have to take extreme care and remember to never stick our hands into anything we can’t clearly see.  I’ve read scorpions can squeeze into sealed boxes and live there for eighteen months with no food or water.  And each adult can have hundreds of babies.  Oh my!

Luckily, all is well here so far.  But I wonder where the mother to this little critter is and how many siblings he/she has.

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