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Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Leaping Game

Raven - my little darlin'

Raven has come to the “flying squirrel” part of his life.  He thinks it’s great sport to leap as far as he can at any given time.  I wish I had some pictures of this, but it happens so quickly and he’s from point A to point B in a flash.

He gets a running start from one side of the room and it’s up over the couch, table, and chairs and into the top of the cat tree and then he reverses his actions coming back down so fast that it makes the chair rock, which makes my husband yell at him, which he thinks is great sport.

What happened to the kitten that used bump his chin on the kitchen counter when trying to jump up there not so long ago?  Raven now jumps from counter to counter all the time and is even thinking about attempting a feat from the ledge on the cat tree to the kitchen counter, which is probably about eight feet away.  I can see the wheels in his head turning.

 Koki on my desk is usually my shadow
Meanwhile, I’m not getting much sleep at night anyway because I’m participating in the NaNo this year and once I do make it to bed, Koki sleeps on my legs most of the night and just before dawn Raven crawls on my head and starts biting and licking my hair.  My guess is he’s trying to wake me up.  I don’t know which is better, cat slobber in my hair or him biting my toes like he did in the old days.

Raven is into anything that comes in the house

Such is life at my house where Koki and Raven are finally getting along.  Another piece of good news is that so far the weather is holding in the low 70’s and we’re able to open the windows daily for a while.  I know this won’t last long, but the leaves have hardly started to turn yet so one can hope.


  1. Oh my goodness. I remember when my sister's cat was in this stage. It was scary/funny at times. Cats are so amazing.

    1. I wouldn't trade anything for this stage. It's so funny to watch and it will be over way too soon. Cats think they are invincible sometimes.



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