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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Something broke…go see what happened

Raven and Koki upstairs in my office

This is a common statement in my house since Koki started playing with Raven.  My husband has bionic ears and is able to hear through walls and knows what’s happening in the house at any given time.

 Raven and Koki

So I wonder how many calories you burn running up and down the stairs by the time I’m on my fifth or sixth trip.  Naturally by the time I get up here, the cats are lying about looking innocent and usually I don’t see anything out of order.  Once in a while they’ve knocked over a small accent table or something and nothing major…yet.

 Koki coming back up the stairs

Raven waiting for her

I have to say “yet” because I don’t want them to break anything when they’re having the best time playing, although realistically I know it’s only a matter of time.  So hopefully what they break won’t be too important.  They have such fun running from one end of the house to the other.  It gives them exercise and I don’t want to spoil that, especially since it took Koki eight months to warm up to the boy.

 Koki sleeping on the modem after play time

Raven sacked out on my reading chair after play time
It’s entertaining to watch and I try to take pictures when I can catch them in the act.  I think they must hear me coming though and Koki probably says, “Lie over there and be quiet.  She’s on her way.”  Naturally they always think they’ll be in trouble.  Yesterday Raven went and hid in the closet.  It took me the longest time to find him.  These cats never come if they think they’re in trouble for something, so I had to look under all the furniture and in every nook and crevice.  How young do they think I am?

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