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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crazy Life in the Desert

This morning I was standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes. There is a good view from the window out to the backyard and desert beyond. What do you think comes along? A hummingbird! I couldn’t believe it and thought, “What is that doing here now?” It was 24 degrees this morning and looks like it will rain or something any minute. It did make it to 40 today. I debated with myself on whether to put out the hummingbird feeder, but so far, that jury is still out. The bird flew off after checking out the rosemary and I haven’t seen it again today.

One thing is for sure here in the desert, the critters are a bit crazy. They do things I haven’t seen before living here. I don’t know if living in the desert makes you loco or not. But it might. There are times when I feel like going back in the desert and screaming. Maybe the animals feel the same way. Who knows? I know life must be harsh out there and I feel bad for them.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Must Read for Cat Owners

Gareth Morgan from stuff.co.nz article

Okay, this makes me crazy – reading this kind of stuff. There are nuts everywhere you turn these days. This came to my attention and I simply had to share. I think all you cat lovers will find this interesting. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a place on this man’s website/blog to comment, or I would have left him an earful.

This is a bit of a follow-up on my last post, I suppose, since it was about cats hunting birds in my neighborhood. As I stated I do wish the owners would keep them indoors because they have an internal instinct to hunt. However, along with this, keeping them indoors is also for their own safety. But under no circumstances should anyone call for the eradication of cats. To entertain such a thought is total madness.

In my opinion, Gareth Morgan is taking things too far. He is not even opposed to euthanizing your cat to get rid of it. Of course, he is also suggesting that owners not replace their cats once they die, etc. I can’t believe he really thinks he will eradicate all cats off the country of New Zealand. Obviously, he is delusional. I would think bigger birds and other animals prey on the eggs of smaller birds, etc. and are just as much to blame for a waning bird population. After all nature has way of keeping everything in check.

Anyway, I’ll let you read the articles here if you’re interested.





Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Sunni's Photo's

At my age, I have to admit that there isn’t a lot to surprise me, but I was a bit stunned about a conversation that my husband had with the neighbor two doors down.  This neighbor has a cat that roamed outside in his old neighborhood, so of course things haven’t changed here.

We love cats and other animals as well.  We also feed a lot of birds, quail, pigeons, doves, chipmunks, etc. around here.  They have a real haven in our backyard.  Our cats are indoor cats and always have been.  I have never understood people who can let their cats run lose especially with a busy street so close by.

Since moving in, the neighbor has acquired two more cats.  After some complaints of his cat hunting in people’s yards, he did install an underground fence last fall.  The cat is over here daily filling up on birds, or whatever it can catch, which makes my husband quite disgusted.  Even with the underground fence, this cat still gets out.

About a week or so ago my husband got a picture of the cat in the act and marched down to confront the neighbor about this again.  Usually the guy never opens the door, but this time he did.  My husband told me the story after he returned.  It isn’t as if we would miss a bird or two because we must have at least a hundred over here at any given time.  However, it is the principle, I guess, even though the cat is only using his inbred instincts.
Sunni's Photo's 

Anyway, after denying he even had a cat, the neighbor had to fess up after my husband showed him the cat’s mug shot on his camera.  The guy said he won’t stay in the $2,000 fence he had installed and he didn’t know what to do about it.  He suggested my husband shoot the cat.  Can you believe that?  Of course, there is no way we would shoot a cat.  My husband told him to take care of it by keeping it inside or taking it to the pound.  We have a “no kill” animal shelter here.

Well, after this incident, we didn’t see the cat for over a week.  I suspected the worst, thinking perhaps that the guy shot the cat himself.  I felt relief when I saw it hunting in the yard again yesterday.
Sunni's Photo's 

My husband said the guy would never shoot the cat.  He was only trying to get some reaction by saying that.  Why do people do that?  I guess I tend to be blunt and just come out with it, not say something to see what kind of reaction I’ll get.  The world is full of all kinds of people though.  This guy and his wife are not very friendly with anyone.

Meanwhile, the hunt goes on for a place to move.  This move has nothing to do with this neighbor, although most of the people in this state are not very welcoming.  I love the scenery and my house and even the cost of living when you are retired and have to consider that, but the weather is a BIG drawback.  Nine years is long enough to put up with that.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kitty Smiles

Koki - Sunni's Photo's

The last few days my youngest cat, Koki, has gotten brave again and joined me in my office upstairs when I’m doing email and relocation hunting.  I know she is smiling when I look down at her nestled in my lap and she turns her little face up at me, purring up a storm.  She always knows when I’m busy and will not walk in front of the monitor, or jump on and off my desk ten times in a row.

For some reason, Comet, my oldest, hates Koki.  Comet almost took her a part one day when I wasn’t home.  I don’t know what this confrontation was about, but this happened two years ago and has had a lasting impact on Koki’s mind.  Every since that day, Koki is scared to death to come upstairs because my “pistol-packing” Comet is waiting for her to even try.  I keep a squirt bottle of water handy for these occasions, but usually Koki will steer clear anyway.  I’m glad she is getting brave again.  I think this may be because now Comet has taken over the bed as well and won’t let Koki sleep with me anymore.  She is one jealous cat and she gets more attention than the rest usually.  I’m not sure what is up with her.
 Comet - Sunni's Photo's

Anyway, I’m glad to my baby is back and glad she can muster up her bravery and not be so freaked out up here.  When I had my old monitor, I had a fish screensaver on it and she loved that.  I’m posting a picture here of her swatting at the fish.

Koki - Sunni's Photo's

Koki - Sunni's Photo's

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Searching for a Place to Move

I will get to that Alaska post before winter is up, I hope. This week, after I got everything uploaded for the contest I entered, I’ve been searching the internet for warmer climes. It is past time to move. I have really had it with the frigid winter temperatures. We have not gotten above freezing in a week with lows in the single digits. I’m freezing and won’t put up with this next year. It’s ridiculous to have to dress in two-three layers around here, in the house, to stay warm.

My husband wants to go to Latin America, but I think this is a bit drastic, so I may have talked him into Florida where it is 70-80 right now. Wow, it wouldn’t take me long to get used to that. Of course, he does make points about cheaper cost of living, etc. but he also has other issues besides weather – the government and the direction this country is going in. I can relate to what he says, but the idea of selling everything I own and moving to a foreign country at my age is daunting. It would be major culture shock for sure. I think armed guards everywhere would be an issue for me as well as not knowing the native language. Of course, we’ll probably have armed guards here too before long – who knows.

Anyway, that is why I haven’t written a post this week. All of this research is taking a long time. Just looking at southern climates in different areas took a few days because I will not go anywhere any more that is going to get below 40. Even 40 is pushing it for me. I left all the cold behind in Alaska 35 years ago, I thought. My twenty-five years in Ca was great but we had to move, according to my husband, because of traffic and so many people, etc. I was fine there, but that is in the past now.

I had better get back to my search. If for some reason I miss a post here and there, that is why. Nothing is set in concrete yet.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Desert is Cold

Hi guys,

    I’ve been writing on my WIP like mad, so haven’t written up a post for today. I did find an old, crazy story in my files that I wrote up off-the-cuff a couple of years ago. It was one of those days. My mind was wondering into my fantasy world, as it does from time to time. I dusted it off, so I’m posting that today.
    I know I promised an Alaska story and I’ll get to that, perhaps in my post for Wednesday. It has been cold enough around here to write about Alaska. It was 10 degrees last night and supposed to be 7 degrees tonight with a high of 27 on both days. We never got over freezing yesterday either. It’s actually terrible if you hate cold weather like me, but I do have to say we have sunshine and no SNOW, which I really despise.
    I feel sorry for the birds that are looking for water and it freezes about as soon as we put it out. This morning, even though it is frosty, there are two chipmunks out there. Those little buggers are scurrying about when they are supposed to hibernate in the winter, but there are always a couple that are shy of a full deck and come out anyway. We also have a rabbit out there today munching on the frozen grass.
    Anyway, without further rambling, here is my crazy, short story.


The rescue of Ms X

         Ms. X was walking down the sidewalk wearing a big read floppy hat. All of a sudden, a big gust of wind caught her up and carried her down the street. She was flying over the rooftops not knowing what to do as she saw the traffic going by below.
       A few minutes later, the wind deposited her onto the steeple of the nearby church. The Father ran outside when he heard all the commotion. Ms X was screaming for help from his steeple. Why, how on Earth did she get up there? The Father wondered, and he fretted about how to get her down when along came farmer Bob in an old, beat up truck.
       “What can we do?” the father cried. He was beside himself that Ms X would fall off and hurt herself. She screamed, whipping her arms about, trying to get someone’s attention in hopes that a rescuer would arrive.
       “Hold on Father, I have a ladder at the barn,” the farmer said and climbed back into his rusted, blue truck and rambled off down the road.
       Meanwhile the neighbors heard the racket Ms X was making and one by one, they ventured to the country church to lend a hand. Father went into the parish to see if he could call the fire brigade to come and help. They were good with emergencies.
       “Help, help,” Ms X screamed. She wrestled to free her dress off the steeple.
       “Just stay put ma’am, we’ll get you down from there.” The local barber assured her. But no sooner had his words left his mouth that Ms X let out a yelp as she slid down the steep slope of the roof.
       “I’m falling,” she cried, trying to grab onto the shingles on the way down.
       Mabel had been walking by with a basket full of laundry. She was on her way to washateria down the road. “Quick, help me,” she called. “Stretch out a sheet. If we hurry we may catch her as she slides off.” She squatted to dig through the dirty laundry. As she quickly shuffled through the heap, her skirt rose up to reveal her withered legs and old stockings rolled down at the ankles. Things fell from the basket onto the lawn and soon unmentionables were scattered all about the grounds of the church. “Oh dear,” she bit her lip and pulled her threadbare skirt over her bony knees. This is really no time to be modest when there is a life at stake.
       The neighbors gathered pulling and tugging at the wadded up sheet until the corners unravelled, each held taught by a group of unlikely characters. They all hoped the makeshift net would hold as they rushed toward the church. Ms X wasn’t the smallest lady in the village.
       “Quick run this way boys,” Mabel directed the rescue crew.
       Ms X had shifted to grab hold of her last hope – an exhaust pole from the churches bathrooms that protruded through the roof. That was a ghastly move because the old rusty pipe bent and broke; causing her body to take a turn. She found herself now sliding down at the north end of the building. Luckily, the old pipe caught on the edge of a shingle that had lifted up in all the heavy rain.
       Everyone hurried around spurred on by Mabel who was shouting and bringing up the rear.
       “Hurry Mr. Peabody,” Mabel shouted. Mr. Peabody waddled along in his plaid vest trying to keep up. She knew that one day his weight would cause a problem. She just never expected this to be the day.
       Wayward Clyde tried to pick up the slack. He was a country boy working in the dry goods store for the summer. Long, lean, and disheveled, he had the look of just stepping out of the hay barn. In fact, when business was slow, he would stand on the porch and pluck a blade from the broom to chew on. Instead of sweeping and tidying up, he would sit on the old barrel and chew on that straw as he watched the girls go by.
       Arnold ran the butcher shop and a fine butcher he was, short and stocky, yet very able-bodied. No one would want to be the poor beef that came up against his cleaver. He had hold of the corner opposite Clyde and stood with this white apron askew wanting to get the business over with, so he could get back to work.
       “When we finish here I think we should hold a pot luck supper at the church,” Hazel said, as she scurried around. She was the social butterfly of the group, always organizing the village get-togethers and bake sales. “That will surely lift everyone spirits. I’ll make my apple strudel.”
       “Hazel we can socialize later,” Mabel scolded. “We better hurry, or it isn’t a potluck we’ll all be attending.”
       “Oh Mabel dear, don’t be such a pessimist,” Hazel replied.
       “Help, I can’t hold on any longer.” Ms X screamed, as she listened to all the gossip below. That got the attention of the rescue squad. They ceased all their chatter and get into position below the slope of the roof. Everyone stood ready with a taught sheet as Ms X plunged off the roof at great speed, bounced a couple of times before finally coming to rest.
       “What are you looking at boy?” Ms X glared at Clyde who snickered.
       “Nothing, ma’am, nothing,” he blurted, as Wilbur hit him on the head.
       Ms X was very embarrassed and covered her legs as Mabel and Wilbur helped her to her feet.
       “Oh my poor hat will never be the same,” Ms X looked at it sorrowfully. “I was going to wear this to the spring social. Oh dear, I think this dress is ruined too.” She looked down at her torn frock. “I just don’t know what happened. One minute I was taking a nice walk and the next I was airborne.”
       “Well let’s get you washed up dear. Everything will be okay I’m sure,” Mabel took an arm and, helped by Hazel, they took her up the steps and into the washroom of the church.
       About then, the old farmer, Bob, rambled up in his blue truck. The door creaked open on squeaky hinges and he hopped out and dusted off his overalls. “I’ve brought the ladder boys,” he shouted.
       “What took you so long? We’ve already rescued Ms X,” Henry ran over to help, his bare feet slapping on the sidewalk.
       “Bessie got out of the barn. Course you know I couldn’t have that, my milk cow wandering off.” With hooded eyes, Bob looked around. “What else happened while I was gone?” He was shocked as he looked around. Littering the church grounds were shingles and assorted laundry. Half the town stood around.
       “It’s a long story Bob. I’ll tell you over checkers,” Leroy pulled him aside. “You want to take this rattle trap, or should I drive?” He pushed his visor back and waited for a reply. His white shirt rippled in the breeze as he pulled out a notebook to make notes of the scene.
       “Come on folks, let’s move along, and stop gawking. All ended well. See everyone at the potluck later,” the Father clapped his hands, as he moved around the parishioners.
       “Yes Father.” “Of course, Father.” “We’re looking forward to it.” Mumbles went around the crowd as people started to disperse.
        Everyone in the little village went back to their normal routine after cleaning up the church grounds. It was a marvel they could all come together to rescue poor Ms X and what great thinking on Mabel’s part, who just happened to be going by at that moment on her way to the laundry.
        “What a great little village we all live in,” Leroy remarked as he finished off the article for the local paper.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Busting my Butt Writing

Free Clipart

Hello guys,

I have been so busy working on my manuscript that I haven’t had time to write a new post for this week, so instead, this time I’m going to give you a link to an excerpt for my next book. If any of you care to read this, I would appreciate your feedback. The book is in the mystery genre. Here is the link: https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1116632

As far as the weather is concerned, we’ve had a bit of a reprieve the last couple of days here in the high desert, if you can call temps in the 20’s at night and upper 40’s during the day a heat wave. Starting Friday, we are in for some frigid days when we’ll be in the teens, so I’m not looking forward to that. Maybe this will be a good time to drag up some of my old memories of living in Alaska to share with you, especially if we get the dreaded “S” word.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Panda Blood Contains Antibiotic That Kills Drug-Resistant Bacteria & Fungi

This is interesting. I came across this article while looking for something else. Naturally, this always happens to me, sidetracking me from what I am really looking for. I don’t know how we lived without the internet, or who had the time to load all this info out there for all of us to find in our searches.

Anyway, it seems we may make a better effort to save the Giant Pandas from extinction. Scientists have discovered a new compound in their DNA that their body secretes to help them guard against infection caused by bacteria and fungi. This report comes from the International Business Times. The name of this compound is cathelicidin-AM. Scientists can produce this new antibiotic in a lab, not needing to use Panda blood at all.

This compound showed potential antimicrobial activities against a wide spectrum of microorganisms including bacteria and fungi, both standard and drug-resistant strains. This may be good news for all of us with all these new drug-resistant diseases showing up. Giant Pandas may hold the key to the antibiotics of the future. You can read the whole article here:


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


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It’s been colder than crap here. I’m not surprised because we had it almost too nice earlier, for this time of year, so I thought we’d be paying for it later. Twenty degrees at night is too cold for my blood. It was seventeen this morning. Ugh! I am counting the days until spring already. It doesn’t even warm up during the day, unless you can call 37 degrees warm. I am dreaming of that tropical isle again.

Free Clipart

The birdbath is frozen solid every morning. I need to hang little ice-skates out there for the birds I guess. Can you imagine how cute that would be to see them skating with colorful scarves around their necks? No, I am not crazy. I have to think of something amusing to make this weather tolerable.

Free Clipart

On another note, the cats hate it too, staying bundled under the throws on the couch, or covers on the bed, most of the day. I would love to join them, but I have too much to do. Last night they were hiding because of all the fireworks going off in the neighborhood. That kind of thing freaks them out. Of course, I never have the camera in my hand when a terrific kitty shot presents itself.
Koki - Sunni's Photo's

I hope you all have a blessed 2013.