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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Searching for a Place to Move

I will get to that Alaska post before winter is up, I hope. This week, after I got everything uploaded for the contest I entered, I’ve been searching the internet for warmer climes. It is past time to move. I have really had it with the frigid winter temperatures. We have not gotten above freezing in a week with lows in the single digits. I’m freezing and won’t put up with this next year. It’s ridiculous to have to dress in two-three layers around here, in the house, to stay warm.

My husband wants to go to Latin America, but I think this is a bit drastic, so I may have talked him into Florida where it is 70-80 right now. Wow, it wouldn’t take me long to get used to that. Of course, he does make points about cheaper cost of living, etc. but he also has other issues besides weather – the government and the direction this country is going in. I can relate to what he says, but the idea of selling everything I own and moving to a foreign country at my age is daunting. It would be major culture shock for sure. I think armed guards everywhere would be an issue for me as well as not knowing the native language. Of course, we’ll probably have armed guards here too before long – who knows.

Anyway, that is why I haven’t written a post this week. All of this research is taking a long time. Just looking at southern climates in different areas took a few days because I will not go anywhere any more that is going to get below 40. Even 40 is pushing it for me. I left all the cold behind in Alaska 35 years ago, I thought. My twenty-five years in Ca was great but we had to move, according to my husband, because of traffic and so many people, etc. I was fine there, but that is in the past now.

I had better get back to my search. If for some reason I miss a post here and there, that is why. Nothing is set in concrete yet.

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