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Sunday, July 7, 2013

OMG! It’s Hot!

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I’m making every effort to stay inside and out of this heat.  Wow!  It is 111 today and scheduled to be 113 for the next three days, then 110, 109, and 106.  Ugh!  We keep the A/C at 83 and the upstairs A/C off, so you can imagine how hot it is up there.  Yesterday it was 97 in my office!  I’ve been working downstairs on the laptop with two fans going and ear buds in to block out the noise down here, so I can work on my book and think.  It is cooler than outside for sure.

 I had to go out there and chase a roadrunner off that was trying to eat the critters (chipmunks) that I despise at times when they are eating my plants.  So, while I was out there, I watered the poor things that are struggling right now and refilled the water bowls.  Then I was so hot and sweaty already, so I went across the street and picked some veggies out of the neighbor’s garden.  I was dripping by the time I got back in the house.

 The poor cats are lying around like limp little rags.  I’d hate to have a fur coat on in the summer.

 My husband was out running a few errands.  He brought back a berry milkshake, which was a nice surprise and really hit the spot, cooling me right off.

 Stay cool out there people, if you’re in a heat advisory zone.  Remember to drink lots of water.

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