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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Into Elephant’s Anyone?

Picture by Franz in Botswana
I thought this was a beautiful picture.  I like reflection pictures and the pink hue here is really nice.  Just wanted to share that.

 It’s been quite stormy here lately with thunder and lightning almost daily, but at least it’s cooler.  That’s a relief, even if it’s short-lived.

 I was at my neighbors a couple of days ago and she was so intrigued by the lightning show that we couldn’t even carry on a conversation.  I have to admit that the red rocks against the very black sky did make a stunning picture with the lightning forks coming down and branching out.  It is very hard to photograph lightning, almost impossible to click the camera at the right time.

 Aside from this and the usual things I have to do in daily life, I’m writing like mad most of the time, with my cat Koki by my side in the evenings.


  1. Hi, Sunni! Rain, rain, rain here in SW Georgia, too. Be so glad when the sun shines again. Got a few rays for a short time today and what a welcomed treat. Love the photo of the elephants. Pinned it to my Pinterest Board, Reflections. When people visit and click it, it will direct them to your blog!

    1. Shrla,

      Thanks for visiting. I like the pink elephants too. Maybe it's the color that got me. Thanks for pinning it with a link back to my post. That was nice.

      It is actually nice to have the rain here because it's been in the 90's instead of 110 like it usually is in July.

      I hope your husband is doing better,



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