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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Perils When Wind Howls in the Desert

Well yesterday was one hell of a day.  The wind blew with hurricane force all day, hammering the windows, whizzing past the corners of the house and rattling the garage doors.  I can certainly see what has carved out all the red rocks all around us over the years.  They stand in various majestic shapes and are really breathtaking, but the wind is horrid!

It blew a heavy trash can down the street.  Lying on its side, it flew along in the gutter so fast that it was three blocks away by the time we caught up with it.  My neighbor was out chasing his down too.  I saw it blow across the street as it accelerated away at lightning speed.  All kinds of stuff will blow by when the wind gets like that.  Most things disappear never to be seen again.  I’m sure there must be hole someplace in the desert it all ends up in.  People have been known to lose patio chairs and cushions, tents and even barbeques.  Nothing is safe unless you have it chained down securely to something that won’t move.

To top the day off we discovered the pilot light on the water heater had blown out sometime during the course of it all, so we were out lighting it at 10:30 last night.  And it really makes me wonder how that happened because it is in a separate enclosed room in the garage.  Hmmm………

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