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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Early bird Dinnertime

Yes, Costco seems to be the place for those early bird diners.  We see the same people daily in our local store.  They just come to eat, which is obvious when they have no shopping carts. The eaters that do have them use them to lean on and the basket is covered with sample cups.  I’m not joking.  I see this daily.  There are also walkers who come to eat, no carts needed, and people in those motorized scooters who zoom from demo to demo.  Don’t get in the way because they’re likely to run you over.  They hit our food carts daily because they’re reckless drivers.  All they can think about is free food.

Hubby and I were in Costco shopping today because we were both off.  There’s no time to shop when you’re working, unless you already have a list and can grab those things and run for the checkout after work so you can get on the road for home.

As we were leaving the daily diners were coming into the store through the other door.  It was then that it occurred to me they’re using Costco for an early bird dinner place.  Why not?  They can make the rounds for the next two hours and eat as many samples as they want for free and then go home.  I’m sure they think their Costco membership allows them to have a free dinner like this everyday.  And not only that, but they also feed their “service dogs,” which are far from that because a service dog doesn’t eat on the job. 

Some of the eaters even have the nerve to tell us that our samples are too small and they serve bigger ones in other stores.  Really?  Well, what are you doing in this store then?  Of course we can’t say that even though we’d like too.  These same people will complain if we have nothing good to eat that day.  This isn’t a restaurant people.  We serve samples so that members can sample before they buy because the food at Costco is in large quantities.  Period.  We have a nice snack bar upfront if you’d like a meal.

Yesterday I had a customer who told some other shoppers “no, you can’t have another sample.  They aren’t feeding you dinner.  These are samples.”  Bless you, lady.  Where did you come from?  I wish you were in the store everyday monitoring things.  Of course we can never say anything like that to a member, but it’s nice when these real people come along.


  1. When I was going through a weight loss clinic years ago, the instructor there said when we went to Costco and if we were going to eat the samples, to allow 700 calories for our intake there. I'm not sure if she was exaggerating with the amount to write down, but it made me think twice before I took a sample during that season of my life. Now honestly, we have a Costco membership but haven't been there in months. We'll probably let it expire and if we feel a need to, just re-up when we are ready.


    1. Betty,

      Wow! 700 calories sounds like a lot. I guess it depends on what we have as samples that day and if people actually take ten of them, etc.

      Some friends of ours let their Costco membership expire because they thought they didn't go there often enough to make it worthwhile. They are talking about renewing it now.

      We've been members since 1982 and they had the first store in San Diego. That's when it was still Price Club. I doubt we'll ever let it expire. We get gas there and it's a lot cheaper than any other place in town.


  2. Replies
    1. Liz,

      Yes, the general public will open your eyes real fast about how people really are.


  3. Replies
    1. John,

      The customers standing around were caught off guard. I doubt anyone was pleased about it, except me.



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