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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Time for a new bird feeder

 Designer Bird Feeder.  The design collapses, which I thought was great!

If any of you have been reading this blog very long, you know we get strong winds in the desert.  Nothing is safe.  I would say, “unless it’s tired down,” but we’ve had staked trees break in half before.  I guess nothing really works against the wind that can gust to near hurricane force here at times.

We’ve had the barbecue grill blow right off the patio and turn over in the lawn.  The grill is not a tiny one either.  Our heavy metal patio chairs have taken flight as well and turned over, or fallen on pots and broken them.  Sometimes the strength of the wind amazes me.

My new summery bird feeder

Anyway, we’re always losing bird feeders because they blow down and get broken on the rocks.  I’d love to put up all my wind chimes (and I have a lot), but they probably wouldn’t be safe around here for long, so instead they’re still in a box in the garage.  That and hubby doesn’t want me putting holes in the stucco on the house.  In the twelve years we’ve been here, I have only put up two and they’re in safer places so they’ve stayed intact (so far).  And I’ve made no holes in the house to hang them up.  I still don’t see what difference holes will have on anything and I guess I never will.

 My new bird feeder hanging from a tree in the front yard
So when I was at Home Depot looking for something else, I ran across this designer bird feeder.  I just had to have it.  The bright yellow-gold color sucked me in.  It looked so summery.  I finally got around to putting it up.  It’s in the front yard this time and not the back because the chipmunks living back there on our rock wall will eat anything and tear up the yard in the process.

Now once the birds find it, I’ll be a happy camper.


  1. It is a cute one! It would take the birds about 2 to 3 days to discover a new feeder when we lived in Prescott. Always fun to see that first one there.


    1. Betty,

      They've discovered it now and found out a way to rock it and get more seed out. Who said birds aren't smart? I love to watch them as much as the cats do.

      Thanks for reading.


  2. Great bird feeder. Such winds would make me uncomfortable. (I like a good breeze, but gusting winds make me nervous.)

    1. Liz,

      When I saw this bright yellow-gold feeder I just had to have it. So far it's worked out fine.

      You definitely wouldn't like living here because we have gusty winds a lot. It's almost like getting used to all the earthquakes in CA. After a while, you take it in stride. I lived in CA for 25 years and never was all that worried about earthquakes. I think the wind we have is far more damaging, but I guess it's because it affects us directly all the time. Whereas I was never at the center of an actual earthquake, which I'm sure would be mighty scary.

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.



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