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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy Birthday to Mama

This is Mama on her birthday 2 years ago.  I'll post a recent one as soon as my sister sends it.

My sweet mother turned 85 today.  We’re so thankful to still have her in our lives as we had quite a scare last month when she ended up in ICU after a stroke.  We didn’t know how things would turn out, but she’s a fighter just like her mother and came bouncing back from that pretty quick.

Not every person life-flighted to a hospital ends up coming out of there alive.  I hope we don’t have another incident like this in the future, but she has dementia.  The doctors say this condition weakens your blood vessels so even a small bump on the head can cause a vessel to break.

 This is my mother a couple of hours before her stroke
My little sister and I live out of state so our middle sister kept us informed daily on what was going on with Mama.  In fact, I think the whole family would be lost if Tedo didn’t step up to the plate to take charge and organize things.

Once in a while all seven of us and Mama get to talk on a conference call.  Those are fun times but noisy with everyone laughing and talking over each other, like we do in person.

 This is Mama today - age 85

And this is various family helping her celebrate.  It would be impossible to list everyone here in any order that made sense, but this group includes siblings, nieces and great nephews and friends.
Mama is back in the nursing home where she lives now.  She has lots of friends there her age.  My sister had her cake made and arranged to get everyone there tonight to help her celebrate.  She sounded very happy on the phone.  I wish I could have been there, but talking to her and pictures is the next best thing.

Happy Birthday, Mama, and many more, I hope.

Happy May Day and Beltane to those of you that celebrate that.

Thanks to everyone who reads my posts and leaves a comment.  You all make me smile.


  1. Happy birthday to your mother! I hope she is with you all for many more years! Such a lovely woman she is!


    1. Thank you, Betty. She seems to be doing well despite what she's been through lately. And she has a lot of family around. My little sister in upstate NY and I are the only ones living out of state.

      Thanks for your lovely comment.


  2. I'm so happy your mom was able to recover and have a wonderful birthday! She looks so happy surrounded by family. I wish her many more happy, healthy years. <3

    1. Vashti,

      Thank you so much. That means a lot.


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