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Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Visitor Arrives

When I got home from work a couple of days ago, I was standing at the kitchen sink washing my hands to fix dinner.  I have a nice window there that looks to the backyard and the desert beyond.  Looking out at nature makes chores more pleasant.

 This was the only way to get his length from the window

I spotted our visitor right away and grabbed the camera.  Hubby was oblivious until I said, “Look what’s drinking out of the water dish?”  He was lying on the couch watching politics.

I proceeded outside after the snake slithered off across the grass.  There was a lizard on the rock wall that surrounds the top level of our yard and I think he had his eye on that for dinner.  I got this shot of him/or her on the rocks. 

Once he saw me he slithered down to this hidey-hole.  I had to come in and fix dinner so I’m not sure how long he stayed there.  The lizard escaped, as far as know.  The snake was probably annoyed with me for interfering with his meal.

I don’t know what kind of snake this is.  Someone told me last year this type of snake was a red racer, but I’ve never heard of such a thing.  Apparently, they’re common in this part of the desert and are harmless.  We started seeing this type of snake a couple of years ago, always drinking from the water bowl and then slithering off into the desert again.  I suspect he’s always come and we just weren’t looking.

I always leave water pans around in the yard for any critter that happens by so they can find water.  It’s in short supply in the desert.  However, we've had rain lately and things are gorgeous.

Happy Mother’s Day


  1. Oh my! That would be an unwelcome visitor at my house (deathly afraid of them :)


    1. Betty,

      He only comes for water and doesn't seem to be interested in us. I don't think he'd attack unless he was cornered someplace.

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.


  2. That would have totally startled me. Yikes. Glad you got pics.

    1. Liz,

      I was surprised too the first time this happened. I guess now it's become "old hat," but we're still respectful of snakes and don't bother them. They don't seem to want to get near us either.

      The very large one I saw on our front walk a couple of years ago did startle me. I walked right up on him because I wasn't expecting a snake to be there. It turns out he was just a bull snake and harmless but he was three times the size of this guy and quite fierce looking. They look like rattle snakes but without the rattles. I watch where I'm walking now.

      Thanks for your comment.


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