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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Some Good News, Crazy News, and Some Cute Pics

Edward Snowden - News Photo

Of course, this good news depends on which side you’re on in this whole affair.  but Snowden gets temporary asylum in Russia today after living for almost five weeks at the Moscow airport.  I’m happy to see that he’s safe, for now at least.  We all know he wont be safe here if he comes back.  He did all of us a big favor by “blowing the whistle” on the NSA.  I know there are two frames of mind on this, with some believing he’s a traitor and should be tried for that charges, but I think he’s a hero and I don’t mind saying so.  I’m sure he knew he as doing a dangerous thing form the get go et he still stuck his neck out there and risked it. 

 I hope they won’t send him back here, but I guess the coming months will tell.  We aren’t privy what goes on behind the scenes.  So that is my two cent on that.

 To read more on this story gt to Politico at this link:


 Michele Catalano - writer, blogger, News Photo

 Here is another story that will leave you wondering and scratching your head.  The headlines: Family visited by cops after googling pressure cookers and backpacks.  Of curse after six men show up to search the house and yard, and ask tons of questions, they leave.  The thing here is each police agency blames the other for the search, and no one will admit to sending anyone to search the house in question.  This is really suspicious and is proof someone is watching everything we do on the internet.  Beware what you’re searching for on there people.  Big Brother is watching you.  I wonder what George Orwell would say about the current world we live in?  You can read the rest of this disturbing story here:

Or here on Michele Catalano’s blog:

Now, on to some cute animal news, who doesn’t like animal babies?

 Mom with liliger cub
liliger cub
Speaking of Russia, these adorable triplet liliger cubs frolic around the Novosibirsk Zoo there.  They were born on 16 May 2013.


Mom and liliger cubs
A liliger is the offspring of a male lion and a female liger.  A liger is the offspring of a male lion and a female tigress.  Tigon’s are the offspring of a male tiger and female lion.


Mom and liliger cub
I thought everyone might enjoy these pics.  To view a short video, click here:



  1. I enjoyed these stories Sunni, especially the one about the liligers. Adorable! Thank you for sharing these stories with us.

    1. Vashti,

      Thanks for stopping by. I just love animal stories. The little ones are so cute! I'm glad you liked that. I'll have to make it over to your blog again soon.



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