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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


First, let me apologize for missing Sunday’s post.  With everything going on here, I never got one written up.

 I’ve been helping my friend get her book on Createspace.  It’s been on Smashwords for a while.  The biggest issue here has been putting the book cover into the right format for Createspace, but it’s getting there.
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Then we had all the writing group issues to smooth out and organize for our first meeting last Saturday.

 One of my sisters called me to tell me mama spent four hours in the emergency room.  She fell in the shower, but luckily didn’t break anything.  So she will heal, its just bruises everywhere, which isn’t good either but better than broken bones.  Everyone went to the hospital to support her except my youngest sister and me because we live out of state.

I had to go over to my neighbors too because starting tomorrow I’ll be taking care of her cat and garden again for the next three weeks or so.  She is off on a camping and hiking trip to the Sierra Nevada’s in CA.

Comet - Sunni's Photo's

Then, Comet, one of my cats has been sick, so today I took her to the vet.  She has terrible allergies this year and has never had them before.  I called his office on Friday.  They told me to get children’s Benadryl for her and give it twice a day over the weekend.  Well you can imagine how this went if you’ve ever tried to give liquid medicine with the syringe to a cat who wants no part of it.  We had Benadryl everywhere except in the cat.  What did go down her throat made her gag and she’d try to throw it up every time.  The only time things went smoothly was the first time because she wasn’t expecting it.  After that, she was ready for us.

 So today, she went to the vet and had an allergy shot.  She wasn’t happy about this either, but there wasn’t much she could do with three of us holding her down.  Once we got her back in the carrier to bring her home, she hardly made two meows.  I guess she was pleased to be going home.  She was raising a fit on the drive over there.  I think she’s better already.  We’re all happy about that.


Baby Jackrabbit by my front door
I was coming home from the neighbors later this afternoon and there was a baby jackrabbit by the front door.  Sadly, it was dead of natural causes (I guess) because we didn’t see a mark on it.  It’s been coming in the afternoons over the last week to sit in the shade there in a small cubbyhole on each side of our front porch behind a façade.  What a shame.  It was very young and made me sad it won’t grow up to roam in the desert behind the house with the rest of the wildlife back there.

 That’s been my week.  I haven’t written a word on my mystery book and I need to finish it.  I’m working on the last chapter.

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