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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oh No! Not Again! Changing the Clocks!

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Is the US the only place that changes the clocks twice a year? Or does the whole world do this? This is the silliest practice I’ve ever seen and wonder every time this happens, just whose brainchild this brilliant idea was.

Why can’t we just leave the clocks alone? I can see no benefit whatsoever in changing the time on us like this. I think the intention originally meant to help the farmers in some way by saving daylight. Now can anyone tell me how it helps the farmers, or anyone for that matter? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this does not save daylight, or energy.

We either are using more light in the morning, or at night, so where is the benefit? There is no energy savings and I challenge anyone to explain to me where it is. When we get up in the dark, naturally, we have to turn the lights on to get our act together in the morning. At night, if it’s dark, we have to use lights to cook our evening meals. How does this save electricity? I’m open-minded. Thus, I would love someone to explain the science behind all this. If there are no benefits, why do we do it? It’s a shock to our natural system. It would be nice to know we’re getting shocked for a good cause. If there’s no good cause, let’s stop it already!

On a positive note, I have an extra hour to write tonight, but then come spring it's pay- back time, isn't it, when they play with the clocks again.  As they say, there is a price for everything.  This is still one of my pet peeves and I don't think I'm alone.


  1. MOL! My human agrees! She thinks it originated in the oil crisis of the 70's but isn't sure.
    Anyway, most of the world is doing it except a couple of countries like Japan. Oh but not everyone is doing it at the same time. I kid you not (France changed clocks last week for example).

    1. Hi Texas cat,

      I haven't looked into this a great deal, but it would be awfully confusing when doing business with people all over the world when the clocks change at different times in different places and some do it and some don't at all. Another good reason to leave the time alone in my opinion.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I am so in agreement with you. I HATE having to change clocks twice a year. I have trouble with time anyway (a friend calls me "chronologically challenged") and I have clocks in every room of the house (except bathrooms) so as to keep me on track when my mind and attention drifts to things that capture the fancy and cause delay when I'm supposed to be doing something "important."
    I always wondered where this stupid practice came from, but someone told me that it was good for business because it gave people more time to shop in the summer. I checked online and apparently that's true. Also, there was more summer daylight for sports. I doubt those reasons are valid anymore. In fact, there are many countries that once used it but have stopped, including the former USSR. Most of the countries that do it are in the northern hemisphere.

    1. Hi Javs,

      I think I'm also "chronologically challenged." I hate to have to watch the clock all the time and am usually late for everything. I get caught up in my writing and forget all about time. I have a big sign behind my desk now that says "watch the time" in big letters. I hated to resort to that.

      I hate to have to try and keep up with what time it is in different places too and then remember it does change twice a year, but not in all places - something else to boggle the mind.

      Thanks for reading and your comments. I learn something from all of you. I'm glad you stopped by.


  3. Hello Sunni - We did double summer-time in England when I was a child, so the farmers could work until ten during war-time.that was two hours difference.
    WE do the normal back and forth in NZ- it only started about 25 years ago here, compared with other places, and it vastly improved life - with more time to spend outside in the light evenings.
    In the UK they've done surveys that show that there are more accidents in the dark, and children get unhealthier ( more bronchitis and respiratory diseases) from being inside during the dark, instead of playing outside on lighter evenings...

  4. Hi Valerie,

    That is very interesting about how they did the time in England for the farmers. I do remember my daddy out in the field on the tractor around 10 at night and all we could see was the headlight for it way out there because it was completely dark outside.

    I was really wondering if they do this all over the world.

    Thank you for reading and posting.



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