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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

From a Position of Power

Well we all know that to deal from a position of power we must put ourselves above others (literally), or actually know more than they do. This happens even in the cat world as my neighbor found out while watching my cats while I was away for a week.

When Sherry (my neighbor) reached up to pet Koki who likes to perch in the cat tree, she got a surprise. Her roost was way above Sherry’s head, so of course, she couldn’t see her tail swishing, which she does if she’s not in the mood, or has had enough. Before she knew it, Koki had snagged her good on the hand, despite the fact we trimmed all claws before we left. The other two cats were being friendly, so she figured Koki would be the same. When she told me about this later, I was surprised because usually Koki is mellower than that.

Tootie is the one who knows no strangers. Someone she has never seen before can come to the house and it’s as if a long lost friend has arrived.

My other cat, Comet, walks around with her pistol waiting to take anyone on, so again, I was surprised she was being so friendly; usually she has an ulterior motive.

Thankfully, we’ve both had many cat scratches so all was well in the end.

When I explained about the “position of power,” she knew exactly what I was talking about, just never thought about that in a cat way.

If we all think back, I bet we can remember going in for interviews when our chair was lower than the boss’s was, deliberately I’m sure. After all when you think about it, if you are taller than another is you feel superior, or in a position of authority, to a point. Of course, the interviewers would want to put themselves in this place.

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