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Friday, November 2, 2012

A Herd of Elephants?

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One cat running sounds like a herd of elephants when they get a wild hair and start racing through the house from one end to the other, from window to window, flying over the furniture, or anything else in the path. That’s really the only time cats are noisy, other than when having a disagreement with each other.

The top floor of my house is mostly carpet and I imagine that’s why it sounds like bowling balls up there, their little claws digging in for traction. Downstairs isn’t so easy being mostly tile, so they slam into walls during these escapades, which doesn’t seem to hurt them at all. They just shake it off and take off again.
Koki "Should I or shouldn't I?"
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I’m not sure what causes these wild urges, but at least they’re getting some exercise and sometimes it can be quite comical, unless they break something in the process. I guess that’s why I love cats, they’re quirky and independent and, for the most part quiet, which is what you need if you’re a writer. In addition, you don’t have to walk them, rain or shine, hot or cold, like a dog.
Koki "I think I will."
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I have some cute little videos I’ve taken with my camera that I’d love to post ,but I’ve got to figure out how to turn them right side up. The cats love playing with the laser light we have, so go absolutely crazy, but unfortunately, I had my camera turned sideways and I’ve got to figure out to rotate that video – much more complicated than a rotating a picture.

Of course, they aren’t always like this. There are always plenty of catnaps to fuel those energy spurts. As you can see, they sleep with abandonment and total oblivion.
Koki "Well now I'm just plain tuckered out"
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Tootie "Me too...I'll join you."
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                                                      Comet "I'll join you. That was fun!"
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Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. They are gorgeous... love those abandoned cat-naps!

  2. Hi Valerie,

    I love these pics of totol abandonment too. They get in the craziest positions sometimes.

    Today my little one was bouncing off the walls and slamming into them. She was having some wild hair and I wished I had a video recorder to capture some of those moments.

    Thanks for reading and posting.



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