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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Anybody out there with snakeskin

I want to share something with you.  A few days ago I got to demo a nice lotion product that used to be by prescription only.  Some of the usual eaters passed me by, but I was able to let the shoppers who did stop try the new product.  Most were impressed.

I learned from a customer that this lotion used to be “by prescription only.”  Now that line on my paperwork made more sense.  The line read “available without a prescription.”  I found that very odd at the time and wondered why anyone needed a prescription for lotion.

The lotion contains 12% alpha hydroxy acid and will exfoliate your skin as it nourishes it. 

This is great stuff!

This was a great demo because I could let my hair down and also didn’t have to wear a hairnet, gloves, apron and hat.  Yes sir, it was my lucky day!  And I certainly had fun with it.  I came home feeling great because all the customers gave me nice comments all day long.

By the end of the day, I bought a bottle of this myself even though it’s pricey for hand and body lotion, but it’s on sale for $13.87 so I decided to take the plunge.  That evening I used the lotion on my legs and feet, which are in terrible condition due to the dry weather we have here.  I was astonished when I got up the following morning and found my legs and feet so soft with no snakeskin.  My heels were even smoother.  That was after one treatment.

I’m really glad I splurged and got this.  I may have to get another bottle while it’s still on sale.

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