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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Here we go again - Round Two

Loaner car number two is a Plymouth Grand Prix

Last week my car decided to die again, so I have a second loaner car until the issue in mine is found.  The mechanic told me it was only a matter of time.  It did last about a month before this electrical situation reared its ugly head again. 

Mike, my mechanic, was kind enough to bring me another loaner car so I could get to work.  This one is in slightly better condition, but is very smoky.  I guess all those guys at the shop must be smokers.  Thankfully they don’t smoke in my car.

I feel a bit more comfortable driving this car, although I have to sit on folded towels so I can see over the steering wheel.  I could adjust the seat forward but not any higher.  This engine has a throaty roar so I don’t know if it’s just the big engine or it needs a new muffler.  It sounds like the Mustang convertible 5.0 that I used to have years ago.

The heater in this car is fantastic, which is good because we had snow the other day and it’s not very warm.  We finally saw blue sky for the first time in week today.  That’s unusual for here.

I think this car is a bit of a gas hog though.  I put some gas in it today and was wondering if I’d make it to the station as I don’t know this car and how far it will go once the fuel light comes on.  I sure wouldn’t want to call Mike for that.

This loaner car also has a broken windshield, so if mine’s in the shop very long I imagine he’ll give me a different car.  Until then, I have this car for a while, or at least until they find the electrical problem with mine.  I suspect it has something to do with the passenger side mirror because it seems to operate itself.  Worst case scenario the fix will cost me from $500-$700 this time.  Ugh!  I’m investing so much in this car, I’ll have to keep it for the next five or so years.  It’s a good thing I’m not tired of it.  

I hope your new year is starting off better.


  1. I'm sorry. That's a real bummer. I hope it's a cheaper fix than what you're anticipating.

    1. Loz,

      I do too but the mechanic warned me that what he did before was a temporary fix. But I hope the whole door module doesn't need replacing. I'm crossing my fingers.

      Thanks for reading and your comment.


  2. My son had his Cadi towed to his mechanic last month right before Christmas. He (son) is in Phoenix; his mechanic in the San Diego area. But it had to be towed there because a new engine was put in last year that had a year's warranty and the original mechanic had to be the one that took care of the warranty. Son had a friend with a Suburban; son rented a hauling dolly from U-Haul and friend drove him/car to San Diego. Son knows mechanic really well and mechanic does the work free at the time with son paying as he can. I told hubby it might be in our best interest if we called mechanic, who we also know, and offered to pay all son owes on Cadi and its work plus a little bonus for mechanic if mechanic would say to son the car was beyond repair. He loves that car though and keeps trying to hang on to it, I'm sure in your case it is a similar situation.


    1. Betty,

      I do love the car, yes. But I don't know if it's beyond repair yet. That might be me just saying that, or it really might not be beyond repair yet.

      My mechanic, who I do trust, told me when you have an older car you have to set money aside every year to be used in repairs. So you don't have a car payment (like with a new car) but you still need to set money aside for maintenance. That does make sense to me. I guess I'll be doing this from now on.

      I'm not sure when I'll call it quits on this car, but I do know several people have offered to buy it from me if I want to sell it. That tells me it isn't beyond repair. I've had almost everything replaced now except for a couple of things, which I expect to go out too eventually.

      You have to look at it this way. Everything needs maintenance after you've had it for a while, be it appliances at the house, your car, or your own body.

      So did you intervene with your son's car?

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.



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