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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Freedom means a lot…even to animals

This short story and video came across my email and I had to share.  Most animals in this world are subjected to cruelty with humans never giving them a second thought.

I admit it did cross my mind, when this poor creature was loaded into the trailer that his destiny was not going to be a happy place.  I wanted to cry so I’m glad I was wrong.  Watch this video and witness this animal’s joy over being free.

Can you imagine living in a small cage all of your life?


  1. I know that animal cruelty exists. I hear about it way too often. I just don't understand what kind of people would do things like that. Are they people or demons? I wonder. These are small defenseless creatures who feel pain and fear just like us! How could anyone trust an animal abuser?

  2. Vashti,

    I know what you're saying. I see lots of animal abuse where I live. People here - most of them - look the other way. It's really sad.

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