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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sometimes endurance is important

That’s certainly been the case with me the last week.  The A/C went out in my car and I’ve been driving around in 109-degree heat.

The A/C seemed to be working fine and then all of a sudden it was blowing hot air, as if I had the heater on.  I had it recharged but three days later, it was back to the hot air again.  I had several stops to make, so I just rolled down the front windows.  It was hot outside but at least I had more air moving.  I probably should have taken a selfie to post here, but once I arrived home, believe me it wasn’t a pretty sight.  I think I could wring water out of my clothes and my face was beat red, hair all askew.  At one point, I thought I’d pass out, but I made it.

 My car
It occurred to me it might be time for a new car, but I’m having the A/C hose fixed.  It turns out it has a leak, an expensive leak, but fixable.  I realize I can’t drive my 1998 Cadillac Seville forever, but maybe a bit longer.  I love this car.

I may actually be getting a job after twenty-five years and my mission was to find black pants, which was a lot harder than it sounds.  But I accomplished my mission.  I guess the stubbornness I inherited from my daddy helped to keep me out roaming about town in those conditions.

I even got a compliment on my car and myself earlier in the day before I became a limp sweaty rag.  That feels good at my age.


  1. That would be hard to deal with no AC in that heat! I know son got his AC fixed in his Cadillac this past spring in anticipation of the heat summer ahead. He loves his 1993 Cadillac; can't tell you how much money we have put into it to keep it running and now he's doing the same but he won't part with it. It is sometimes hard to find black pants in the middle of summer or sweat pants I found one time were virtually impossible to find in the summer months.


    1. Betty,

      No A/C in triple didgit heat is something I can do without, but you have to keep going. The car's going back in the shop tomorrow to replace the A/C hose. I love this car too, but there will come a time when I have to get another.

      Yes, clothes are seasonal.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.


  2. I'd probably have looked online for black pants, but that's assuming that you have time to wait for it to ship. The a/c in my car was acting funny a few weeks back, but it seems to be working now. Not a good time to have the a/c go out--in the icky heat.

    1. Liz,

      I didn't feel I had time and besides I have to try them on.

      Yeah I'm sure the A/C would never go out if it didn't matter. :-)

      Thanks for reading.



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