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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Raven’s Always Looking for an Adventure

This cat is always into something around here.  Recently he discovered the large decorative pots we have in the foyer of the house.  Koki always jumps in and out of them and I guess he thought he could do the same thing.  He’s been craning his neck from the stairs for weeks and even putting his feet on the rim to look inside.

Raven finally decided to take the plunge.  We were watching TV and heard the pots rattling.  This is what we found.



I’m glad we were home because he could have been stranded for a while.  He was glad we came to the rescue when he discovered he couldn’t get out himself.  But do you think this stopped him?  Not for one minute.  He was back at it jumping in there again a few minutes later.  I didn’t want him to become boisterous in the night and actually knock the pot over and break it, so I had to get clever with a solution.

This is what we did as a temporary fix until he gets older.

 This is an old pizza pan that fits just right.  Koki got a surprise when she tried to jump in there not knowing this pan was there.

Of course now that he can’t get in there, he’s attacking the dried straw arrangements we have in other pots around the house and looking for something else he can get into.

He finally dug out a dust rag and played with it on the floor for an hour.

Occasionally he can indulge Koki to play too, if he runs at full speed from end to end of the house on the second floor.  She finally can’t stand it any longer and will chase him.  If they were kids, I’m sure I would hear the laughter because they have a blast.

My computer problems are finally solved and I’m up and running again, but have been working on a website for our house the last week.  That challenge is finally finished.  Thank goodness.  It took way longer than it should, but my husband was helping with the project in between several football games.  It was so noisy downstairs I couldn’t even think about what I was doing.  I’m not up in my office again where it’s quiet and peaceful.

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