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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Feather Whirl

Raven investigating the feather whirl

“Oooo, mom, a new toy?”  Raven looked on as I put the batteries in this thing and put the feathers on.  All this took me longer than expected.  This little gadget has a Phillips screw that comes out revealing a small compartment for the AA batteries on the bottom.  It surprised me that I was able to get them installed properly the first time.

What I like about this toy is that the bottom is weighted so the cats can’t turn it over.  It also has an on/off switch and the toy flicks the feathers in a random motion, similar to something alive.  It stops and then starts up again.

 Raven up higher than this "critter" so he thinks he has the upper hand

Raven approached it carefully, as cats do when it’s something they’ve never seen before.  He crept slowly toward it but was too afraid to get too close.  About then, Koki came out from under the furniture to see what was going on.  She was braver about it and actually attacked it after her creeping act.  Raven looked on with wonder when it didn’t attack her back.

 Koki attacking the feather whirl

I picked it up and took it downstairs where there’s more tile.  The cats followed me.  Once I turned it back on, I got the camera and sat back to watch.  Tootie was too afraid to come near it, but she’s older and not feeling well right now.  Koki and Raven had a blast for thirty minutes taking turns attacking this toy.  Here are some of my pics.

 Raven and Koki


Koki in a sneak attack

Raven sneaking through the coffee table

Raven says, "What?  I''m not doing anything."


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