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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Little boy mischief


Okay guys, I can’t resist posting about my cats.  They’re always into something around here.  I hope that you aren’t bored with their adventures.

The older Raven gets, the more he can get into and he’s taking full advantage of it.  I keep picking up anything breakable he may get into during the night because he’s up part of the time, although I do have to say he does sleep half the night or possibly a little more than that.  He’s usually up at the crack of dawn and goes out to explore and see what he can get into while we’re still in bed.  At least he’s stopped biting us on the toes as soon as it breaks daylight.

He gets into everything he can spot that he hasn’t explored yet.  I have a candle display in one of the bathrooms that has rock around the base.  He gets those little rocks out and plays with them.  I stopped him for a short while by turning the faucet on him in the sink in there.  So he quit for a few days, but is back at it again.

His latest thing of interest is to get behind the bathroom door.  He ends up locking himself in there so I had to go and buy a doorstop so he can’t close the door all the way.

He wants to chew on everything, so I dug his teething ring out from under the dresser and threw that to him this morning.  I don’t understand why he’s still chewing.  One would think his teeth are all in now.  It won’t be long and everything I own will have teeth marks on it.


On another note, he’s getting along much better with Koki who tolerates him being in the same room with her.  He still wrestles with Tootie who has gotten over her leeriness after the eye infection she had.


Work still goes on in the new house two blocks down from us.  They laid the carpet last week, so I imagine it won’t be long until we have new neighbors.  They haven’t poured the driveway yet and tonight we have wind because it’s supposed to rain again.  The workers piled all the extra dirt on the vacant lot between us and the new house and what a problem that is.  The wind is whipping it everywhere.  The workers won’t move that dirt pile because they aren’t being paid extra for that, they tell us.  I wonder what they’d do with it if there wasn’t a vacant lot there.

 New house - I'll post more new pics of the inside next time

They were evacuating Zion Canyon National Park due to flashfloods earlier today.  The sky is very black, but so far, we’ve only had a few sprinkles.  It’s also very hot here, in the upper nineties, but I won’t complain because it won’t be long and it will be too darn cold here.  I guess us humans are never satisfied.

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